Best Credit Builder Loans

It is so difficult to come home and have to worry about rebuild your life and build for the future. I’ve learned that you need credit to do to make these things happen, which adds additional frustration.  However, Andrew Rombach of wrote an excellent article on  credit builder loans. These loans are a great way to … Read moreBest Credit Builder Loans

How Your Mind Can Affect Your Body

Whenever the idea of a mind and body connection is discussed in relation to our health, people often think about more alternative types of practices. Often classified as a complementary and alternative medicine, activities like yoga or meditation are the most common ways for individuals to tap into this mind-body element. While many types of practices … Read moreHow Your Mind Can Affect Your Body

How to Raise Money for Self-Employment After Your Release


The statistics on post-incarceration employment are nothing short of devastating. One study estimates that “almost half of ex-prisoners have no reported earnings in the first several years after leaving prison.” For those who do end up finding work, half of these individuals earn less than $10,090 per year. In addition to the emotional, psychological, and social challenges faced … Read moreHow to Raise Money for Self-Employment After Your Release