Black Friday Strikes Again

Black Friday is a day that most people want to shop for Christmas gifts for their family and friends, and sometimes even themselves. They rush to the stores to grab deals on electronics, household items, toys and more. Why, because prices are low. You know what else is low? According to various articles, it’s the… Continue reading Black Friday Strikes Again

Job Hunting Resources for Felons

Inmate filling out job application

After you’ve been convicted of a crime and serve time in jail, it’s a difficult and sometimes heartbreaking journey to becoming employed. In this article, you will find valuable job hunting resources for felons. I have compiled a list of books, websites, and videos that deal specifically with those who have re-entered society from prison.… Continue reading Job Hunting Resources for Felons

The Natural Ergonomic 4000 by Microsoft Review

For a while, I was having wrist and shoulder problems while typing. It felt as if I was squeezing my shoulders and my chest just to type on a traditional keyboard. The problems were so bad, I had to stop blogging on a regular basis.  However, blogging and writing are my passions. Plus, my dream… Continue reading The Natural Ergonomic 4000 by Microsoft Review

The Aaliyah Movie: Just Some Cold Garbage

Aaliyah was a more than a great artist that was on top of the world. It seemed as though the whole world loved her, but unfortunately, she was killed in a plane crash in her prime. It has taken some years for her life to be written and portrayed as a movie. When it finally… Continue reading The Aaliyah Movie: Just Some Cold Garbage

Self Discipline in 10 days

While in prison camp, I struggled with procrastination and low motivation until an inmate handed me a book called  Self Discipline in 10 days books by Theodore Bryant. This book is one of the best things I took away from my prison camp experience. This book helped me not to be so emotional or allow… Continue reading Self Discipline in 10 days

Watching Movies While Camping

I saw this picture on Pinterest today and I thought to myself, “What movies would I want to watch on this type of screen?” It looks like this family is enjoying some homemade movies and videos of when they were on the beach. Clearly there are more pillows than people so the kids must be… Continue reading Watching Movies While Camping

What I’m Learning About Omega-3s and Rhodiola Extract

As I try to reestablish my life after prison, I noticed that even though I found a decent job and my writing career is in full swing, my productivity was suffering. I was becoming lazy, tired and felt an overall draining. I tried to research my symptoms and realized that I was hungrier faster than… Continue reading What I’m Learning About Omega-3s and Rhodiola Extract

Magic Shave

One of the biggest hygiene issues Black men have is shaving. I’m no different. I’ve used razors, clippers and even grew out my beard. I’ve tried everything, but nothing works. Instead, when things don’t work, I end up with razor bumps, pain and uneasiness. In, fact, no matter what type of razor I use, I… Continue reading Magic Shave

Are Facebook Games A Money Grab?

Facebook games are truly an addiction that’s easy to fall into. Once a friend starts to play a game and invites you to play then you both become hooked. You begin sending each other lives, game accessories and other important game merchandise just to survive. As part of the challenge, the game wants you to… Continue reading Are Facebook Games A Money Grab?

I Can’t Play Candy Crush

Everybody needs a way to pass the time and most of us choose to play games. Whether it’s on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, TV or gaming console, I’m sure you have at least one favorite game you love to play. Games are also on social media platforms and a popular game today is found… Continue reading I Can’t Play Candy Crush