Organizing Your Writing Thoughts For Blogs

If you’re struggling to write, then you probably need help organizing your writing thoughts. There are many solutions available. Each solution is different for various people and some may work better than others depending on who you are. A lot of the ideas presented here may seem elementary, perhaps because you probably learned them in … Read moreOrganizing Your Writing Thoughts For Blogs

Routine Writing Habits For Every Writer

They say it takes at least twenty-one days to start a new habit and the same is true for getting into a routine writing habit. I know it’s not going to happen overnight and I also know it won’t stick if I’m only doing it for a week. However, in order to make sure it … Read moreRoutine Writing Habits For Every Writer

How Reading Makes You a Better Writer

It’s a statement recited multiple times to young children; reading is fundamental. Many writers hear something similar. It is said that reading makes you a better writer. In a previous post, I detail why reading is important and how it took me a while to figure it out. However, does it matter what you read? … Read moreHow Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Get Inspired: 7 Everyday Writing Prompts

Inspiration can come by the simplest things in life. If we take the time to truly observe all that is around us our situations will become our own writing prompts. Instead of searching for lists of prompts and saving them to your writer’s block file, take a look around you and relax. I’m sure you … Read moreGet Inspired: 7 Everyday Writing Prompts

Writing Better with Lifelong Learning


There are many professions that require lifelong learning in order to maximize their skills and previous educational knowledge. As times change, their professions must stay updated on things like new laws, new policies, and new scientific discoveries. A continuous education is needed for writers too. Although writing doesn’t have aspects that change, authors can forget … Read moreWriting Better with Lifelong Learning

Cleaning my room helped improve my writing

messy room doesnt always help me think

As a writer, I am always looking for two things; a way to improve my writing and a way to produce more blog posts. During my search I’ve learned that many of my writing issues are right in front of me – meaning my work space (my room is dirty as hell!). It’s a horrible … Read moreCleaning my room helped improve my writing

The Natural Ergonomic 4000 by Microsoft Review

For a while, I was having wrist and shoulder problems while typing. It felt as if I was squeezing my shoulders and my chest just to type on a traditional keyboard. The problems were so bad, I had to stop blogging on a regular basis.  However, blogging and writing are my passions. Plus, my dream … Read moreThe Natural Ergonomic 4000 by Microsoft Review

Two Monitor Productivity Myth

It seems I’m always looking for a way to increase my productivity. I’ve tried going to libraries, getting a new keyboard, and using to television trays for my computer.  These ideas have worked out great, but I still didn’t get the productivity I wanted. There is a saying that states having two monitors improves productivity … Read moreTwo Monitor Productivity Myth

Why You Should Follow Your Passions and Be A Writer

After reading an article about Why you should be a writer, I thought to myself, “If you know why you love doing what you do, you’ll never allow anything negative to come between you and your passions.” I try to remember this when I’m making myself write. I admit it’s hard to get up in … Read moreWhy You Should Follow Your Passions and Be A Writer

How I broke out of my current writing slump.

Have you ever committed to doing something you loved, but once you’ve done it for a while you’re uninterested? Although you still have a heart to pursue your passions, you may find yourself in a slump when it comes to enjoying it. As you try to partake in the activity you get bogged down and … Read moreHow I broke out of my current writing slump.

Why I HATE writing a first draft on my computer

If you read my post about first drafts, you may understand this post a little more. I’m a bit sentimental about writing my first draft with pen and paper. There’s just something special about it. It feels as if I can think better when I write with pen and paper as opposed to typing on … Read moreWhy I HATE writing a first draft on my computer

Three Habits To Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur

When most people think about being an entrepreneur, they think about owning their own business, long hours and being their own boss. They could also think about being up late hours of the night working on finances and marketing plans/, but most people fail to realize is that being an entrepreneur means you have to … Read moreThree Habits To Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur


It seems as if writer’s think that writer’s block is some inevitable obstacle that lurks behind them until it’s ready to pounce, stopping them from doing everything they wish to do in the writing world. That’s only true if you say it’s true. I have a problem with writer’s block, but I think of it … Read moreOVERCOME CREATIVE WRITING BLOCKS

How I Minimized Procrastination

You know you should be doing more important things, but here you are, playing a game, watching YouTube or TV or talking in the phone. It’s a huge issue for many people including myself. It’s like me taking forever just to type the word, procrastination. One of my biggest problems is overcoming procrastination.  I like … Read moreHow I Minimized Procrastination

When it’s all said and done, would you have said more than you’ve done?

It’s Time to Go After Your Dreams Today I came across a quote that read: “When it’s all said and done, would you have said more than you’ve done?” I thought to myself, ‘yes!’ However, I had to stop and think about it. I realized that if my time ended right now, I’m not sure … Read moreWhen it’s all said and done, would you have said more than you’ve done?

My Opinion On A Writer’s Money From His Book Deal

Picture a sad and pitiful man who’s poorly groomed, has no social skills, and is living off his girlfriend who’s about to break with him. Not to mention his parents are extremely disappointed in his chosen lifestyle. Out of frustration, he begs the cosmos for a book deal to help him get on his feet … Read moreMy Opinion On A Writer’s Money From His Book Deal

Writers: STOP Marketing Your Blog!

“The art of blogging involves thinking up great topics and blog titles, performing research where required, then authoring great work.” –Nicholas Whitmore.   I’m a writer, like most of you reading this blog.  Also like most you, I want tons of traffic — millions of visitors, if possible. Here’s the problem; the more I market, … Read moreWriters: STOP Marketing Your Blog!

My Random Thoughts: Poor Audience Interaction.

When your audience isn’t responding to your work, don’t assume it’s your audience that’s the problem. Today I learned that if your craft sucks, then you can’t be mad at your audience. If you start things late, offer poor quality items, or are unprofessional, then you have plenty of reasons why your audience doesn’t come … Read moreMy Random Thoughts: Poor Audience Interaction.

How to Critique Creative Writing

Imagine writing a piece that you think is just pure gold. Maybe it took you a long time to write it or maybe it was a piece that just flowed from your mind to your hand to the paper/computer. It’s the best you’ve ever written and you’re super proud. Off to the editing department, whether … Read moreHow to Critique Creative Writing

How To Free Write And Why It’s Important For Writers

Free writing is the simplest form of writing.  It’s also the most private form if you do it in journal format. What I like to tell people is that free writing is something no one would ever see. To me, free writing is like a man’s wife in the morning, the only person who’s going … Read moreHow To Free Write And Why It’s Important For Writers

First Draft Is Shit.

“The first draft of everything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway If you’re a writer, then I’m sure you’ve felt like your first draft had to be perfect. You wanted to cut down on the time it took to get a great piece, but along the way, you find yourself having to stop to fix this … Read moreFirst Draft Is Shit.

Reading Improves Writing

Stephen King: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. If you don’t read, you can’t be a writer. You have to read just about everything.” Is reading important for writers? The short obvious answer: YES! The importance of reading took … Read moreReading Improves Writing

Writing Is About Doing It. Not Thinking About Doing It.

“You have to show up. There is no magic pill. You have to show up and do the work.” Per Petterson. If you’re a writer, I’m sure you’ve probably experienced setbacks and frustrations when you finally find the time to write. You have so many ideas to get out and to write down. You get … Read moreWriting Is About Doing It. Not Thinking About Doing It.

Why The Climax Is Important To Your Audience

If you are a writer or aspiring to be one, then you should know that the best part of the book is the climax. This part of the book excites your reader to the point to where they never want to stop reading. This is the part of the book that makes readers hold their … Read moreWhy The Climax Is Important To Your Audience

How To Avoid Writing Like A Victim

There are many ways a writer can harm their own novel. There is one type of character that, if not done properly will annoy readers like me. I’ve seen a lot of books or other literary works with poor characterization consistent with the inability to keep the audience’s attention solely because the author solicited for … Read moreHow To Avoid Writing Like A Victim

Perfect Characterization

Characters are the life force of any story, movie, or book. If you want a compelling story or book, your character has to be equally compelling. It’s through the character’s eyes and thoughts that the reader or movie goer understands the environment and sees themes. The better the character, the better your audience will understand … Read morePerfect Characterization

Writing Advice: Start Your Story In The Middle

“In Medias res’ if the Latin term for the middle of things, and that’s how Homer opened the Iliad and that’s where you should usually start, although rules can always be creatively broken.” —So You Want To Write” by Marge Piercy and Ira Wood Starting your story in the middle is like telling a joke. … Read moreWriting Advice: Start Your Story In The Middle

Five Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Everyone is trying to grow their Facebook fan page, including me. On the Pyerse Dandridge Fans page there are 92 fans, but my desire has always been to increase my following. As I was searching for suggestions I found a website that gives some great ideas. I’m hoping to try them some day. Below are … Read moreFive Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page