How To Have A Sports Argument

How To Have A Sports Argument


Sports is probably America’s favorite pastime. We groom our children to play sports, watch college sports and go hard for the minor and major leagues. Most of the time we are screaming and cheering for our team, but then there are those times where our team loses, the refs call bogus penalties, coaches suck and the players have missed the mark. Unfortunately, even people who have the same favorite team can get into a disagreement about what went wrong. A lot of times it gets nasty, but it’s just a sport, right?

I admit I’m not the best person when it comes to arguing about sports. I’ve discussed sports with people who were clearly more educated than myself. I’ve also argued with people who are entirely narrow minded and can’t get out of the way of their emotions. Someone needs to write a “How To Have A Sport Argument For Dummies” guide. Since I couldn’t find one, I figured I’d create a small list.

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So how do you argue about sports? Or should I say, how can you have a productive argument about sports? Here are my few suggestions.

  • Knowledge is Golden
    ONLY argue about the sports you are clearly knowledgeable about 
  • Be Rational
    Put your emotions to the side and never argue emotionally. This is especially true if it’s about your own team. 
  • Facts are Key
    Support your argument with strong stats and facts based on the games previously played. 
  • It’s OK to Research
    Check stats and historical data when you’re not sure of the about your argument. 
  • Be Open
    When you have no facts, simply ask questions and try to educate yourself. 
  • It’s Not Personal
    Above all just have fun. Keep it humorous and relaxed. Unless you’re just that passionate. Remember, never take these types of arguments personal. It’s just fun.

Have you been arguing about sports lately? What are your tips for keeping it from getting out of control? Write in the comments below.

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