How I broke out of my current writing slump.


Have you ever committed to doing something you loved, but once you’ve done it for a while you’re uninterested? Although you still have a heart to pursue your passions, you may find yourself in a slump when it comes to enjoying it. As you try to partake in the activity you get bogged down and suddenly have ideas to do something else. Huh? I thought you loved doing this though? If you’re like me then you’ve started to panic, just a little.

I love writing and made the decision to use my writing as my income. I initially was excited to begin a new career, but I recently started to feel a lot less enthusiastic about it. Then I started to stress because of my writing slump. I realized I didn’t have the motivation needed to write even though I was on my computer daily. One day I figured out what to do.

Here are 3 ways to get your writing passion back.

Change Your Workstation
I decided to make sure the area that I do most of my work in was comfortable. I purchased a new chair that had a mesh backing and super comfortable bottom. I also bought a new mouse and traditional keyboard so that I didn’t have to use my laptop. Then I elevated my main monitor to eye level. This prevented me from having to look down at a screen which was damaging to my neck and shoulders.

Clean Your Room
Next, I cleaned my room. A clean room helped me to focus on writing because it helped to clear my mind. I guess a clean room equals a clean mind. Before I cleaned it, I never realized that the clutter in my room contributed to the clutter in my head. It only makes sense that the organization of my room contributes to the coordination of thoughts in my head. I also noticed that I breathe better – but that’s probably because I cleaned up some smelly stuff in the room. However, I will remind myself to clean my room weekly.

Exercise Your Wrists
My final step to getting out of my writing slump was doing exercises for my arms and wrists. My hands were getting sore with every minute of typing when I was in a slump. To solve this problem, I found some good exercises that worked out and stretched the muscles in my wrists, hands, and shoulders. When you’re a writer, they tend to get stiff and sore when typing and sitting.

I hope the things that helped me get my passion for writing back will help you do the same. Even if it’s not writing that you love, some of these things will help you too. If you’ve ever been in a slump, tell me what you did to change your life and increase motivation.


Here are the exercises I’ve done for my wrist and hands.

These are the exercises I do for my shoulder:

Fasting in Prison Camp


They say fasting has benefits for the mind, spirit, and body. Many people have to fast for medical procedures and some do it for religious reasons. I did it fit none of those reasons, but I still experienced the benefits of a cleansing fast.

My fast was purely accidental. Since I missed the 3:30 pm short line (the food line for food service workers), I decided to fast. I found that if I didn’t think about food, I wasn’t hungry. I had been practicing a lot of vibrational states. and a lot of it became stronger in my mind. I had happier thoughts because of it. In this lower physical state, I learned to make myself happier. This state also helped me understand my inner demons.

Now that I understood them, I could get rid of them and free my mind for the real God within. I began to feel that people were important, their happiness was too. I also understood that some people are miserable and by getting angry with me, they are only reflecting themselves. In order to have the meaningful conversations and relationships I wanted to have I had to reflect how I feel about myself. I allowed my words to express my feelings and obtain what I wanted in life as I wrote it on paper.

After twenty-four hours, I was happier than I’ve ever been. It was because I fasted, looked at my problems, and forgave those I needed to forgive. My fast also helped me remove anger and hatred from my body and mind. My yoga teacher informed me that what I had done was cleanse all my emotional baggage. The vibrational states sent chills down my body and I felt strong sensations in my left hand and up my left arm that day. I had them strongly and sporadically. Off and on, my left hand would get cold and I had a sensation, but my face and body felt normal.

Next day after fasting, I stopped eating my fourth meal and had one of the best workouts I had ever had in prison. I still ate a snack after I returned from the library. I think I will get stronger because of eating less.

What Is Too Much Sex?

images (6)

I remember when I came home from prison camp, that’s all I wanted to do–have sex! Lots of it. And I did. Well, I had more of it than I used to have when I was single. I had about one girl a month, but sometimes I had three girls in a week! If I was dating her, then we were sleeping together between one and three times a week. Sounds healthy right? Honestly, it was a bit consuming because I put sex over everything. I know it’s because I was denied it for seventeen months while in prison camp, but I made it more important than friendships, work and even paying bills on time. On top of that, I didn’t even care who I was sleeping with. I slept with all types of women from fat girls to white or black girls to ugly girls. I just didn’t care.

I was able to get it out of my system, but then I realized that too much sex is when it becomes more important than your responsibilities. When you think you need it more than anything in the world or you need it before you start to do something, then you’re having too much.

As I look back over that time in my life, I can see that it was too much because I wouldn’t talk to a girl for any reason other than wanting to have sex with her. The only thing I cared about was how long it was going to take to get her to sleep with me. When I realized what I was doing, my solution was to be celibate for a while. It took some time, but it finally worked. In fact it worked so well that I developed a habit of not wanting to talk to women in general. I went into a shell which caused me to be nervous and shy around women.

The complete turn around made me want to understand why I wanted so much sex in the first place. Thinking about it made me realize that what I really wanted was a sense of connection and affection from a woman. Knowing this, I was able to interact with others who were good to be around, like the members of my lodge. I also kept myself busy with community service or working more hours.

The other important thing I’ve done and I’m working on this now, is build my relationships with platonic friends. My theory with this is that I need to learn or re-learn how to value my female friends without turning them into sexual material objects. Now, I’m not saying I don’t want to have sex with them, but rather I’m learning how to understand them in a non-sexual manner. I’m convinced that this will lead me to better chemistry with them, while taking me away from trashy women, who are only good for sex.

How To Have A Sports Argument


Sports is probably America’s favorite pastime. We groom our children to play sports, watch college sports and go hard for the minor and major leagues. Most of the time we are screaming and cheering for our team, but then there are those times where our team loses, the refs call bogus penalties, coaches suck and the players have missed the mark. Unfortunately, even people who have the same favorite team can get into a disagreement about what went wrong. A lot of times it gets nasty, but it’s just a sport, right?

I admit I’m not the best person when it comes to arguing about sports. I’ve discussed sports with people who were clearly more educated than myself. I’ve also argued with people who are entirely narrow minded and can’t get out of the way of their emotions. Someone needs to write a “How To Have A Sport Argument For Dummies” guide. Since I couldn’t find one, I figured I’d create a small list.

So how do you argue about sports? Or should I say, how can you have a productive argument about sports? Here are my few suggestions.

  • Knowledge is Golden
    ONLY argue about the sports you are clearly knowledgeable about 
  • Be Rational
    Put your emotions to the side and never argue emotionally. This is especially true if it’s about your own team. 
  • Facts are Key
    Support your argument with strong stats and facts based on the games previously played. 
  • It’s OK to Research
    Check stats and historical data when you’re not sure of the about your argument. 
  • Be Open
    When you have no facts, simply ask questions and try to educate yourself. 
  • It’s Not Personal
    Above all just have fun. Keep it humorous and relaxed. Unless you’re just that passionate. Remember, never take these types of arguments personal. It’s just fun.

Have you been arguing about sports lately? What are your tips for keeping it from getting out of control? Write in the comments below.