How I broke out of my current writing slump.

Have you ever committed to doing something you loved, but once you’ve done it for a while you’re uninterested? Although you still have a heart to pursue your passions, you may find yourself in a slump when it comes to enjoying it. As you try to partake in the activity you get bogged down and… Continue reading How I broke out of my current writing slump.

Fasting in Prison Camp

They say fasting has benefits for the mind, spirit, and body. Many people have to fast for medical procedures and some do it for religious reasons. I did it fit none of those reasons, but I still experienced the benefits of a cleansing fast. My fast was purely accidental. Since I missed the 3:30 pm… Continue reading Fasting in Prison Camp

How To Have A Sports Argument

Sports is probably America’s favorite pastime. We groom our children to play sports, watch college sports and go hard for the minor and major leagues. Most of the time we are screaming and cheering for our team, but then there are those times where our team loses, the refs call bogus penalties, coaches suck and… Continue reading How To Have A Sports Argument