When it’s all said and done, would you have said more than you’ve done?

When it’s all said and done, would you have said more than you’ve done?

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It’s Time to Go After Your Dreams

Today I came across a quote that read:

“When it’s all said and done, would you have said more than you’ve done?”

I thought to myself, ‘yes!’ However, I had to stop and think about it. I realized that if my time ended right now, I’m not sure I’ve done more than I’ve said. I have talked about doing things, but did I actually do them? The answer is no, but why? The truth is I like comfort and predictability. Although I want to be successful, I find that I’m more nervous and overly concerned about taking a risk. I have been burned a few times already. Even though there were very few times I was burned, those few times caused me to be immensely skeptical.

There are times I get caught up in dreaming about the negative things that could happen. I find myself dreaming about the best things and fearing the worst things. My fears overwhelm my dream and I get lost in my head –a lot.

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If I’m blessed to get more time on this Earth, I WILL accomplish more than I’ve ever dreamed of or talked about. I’m now determined, but I need to create some goals in order to pull this off. If you’re like me then here are some ways to stay focused on the best things.

Focus on What You Want
I want to be a writer and I should focus on writing more than anything else. If I’m ever comfortable doing something, it should involve writing. I should introduce myself as a writer everywhere I go. Every step I take from today should bring me closer to writing. You should do the same. Decide on what it is you want and go after it. Introduce yourself as you desire. Make sure everything you do from today involves your main focus.

Take the Risk
If you don’t anything, it’s still risky behavior. Doing nothing is still taking a chance. It’s true! You’re risking your dreams and goals and the chance to improve yourself. Yes, you might fail this time, but try again because you may succeed. If you can learn from your mistakes, it’s only a matter of time before you’re successful.

Don’t Settle
Similar to taking a risk, don’t allow yourself to get comfortable or complacent in what you’re not doing. It’s like washing the dishes. While I’m relaxing, I could find a million reasons not to do the dishes. Complacency also comes from the frustration of needing stability. However, you have to remind yourself that there is nothing in life that is stable. People suddenly have life-changing events (illnesses, accidents or death). Sure, we may have long periods of time with predictable “no drama” events, but ask yourself if those times gave you any real growth in your life.

The bottom line is we are here on Earth for a short period of time. Don’t waste it on fearing the worst. Make the best of each day by taking a risky step forward down the path of accomplishing your desires.

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