Why I HATE writing a first draft on my computer

images (3)If you read my post about first drafts, you may understand this post a little more. I’m a bit sentimental about writing my first draft with pen and paper. There’s just something special about it. It feels as if I can think better when I write with pen and paper as opposed to typing on my laptop. It feels as if ideas come more organically on paper. I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t like writing my first draft on the computer.

Some writers are able to type on their computers, but here are my top three reasons why I think it’s better to just write with a pen and plain paper.

  1. Error Marks
    I hate that error marks that appear on WordPress and Word. I know I can disable them, but they are just annoying when I type my first draft because I like to free write. Seeing the error marks distract me and mess up my concentration. All of the green or red lines and marks all over my screen aren’t helping me when I write my first draft because I’m not supposed to be concerned with them just yet. Seeing them forces an urgency upon me that makes me have to clear them in order to get my train of thought back. They are fine when I’m editing my first draft, but not before.
  2. Mousepad Sensitivity
    I hate typing on my laptop because my hand touches the mouse pad and it makes the cursor move to different places on the computer screen. So as I’m typing the word “allowing,” I happen to look up at the screen and see gibberish. The cursor moved three lines up or it suddenly clicked something else on screen and I’ve typed nothing. Then I have to go back and hit ctrl+z to undo what I’ve just done and try to figure where I left off.
  3. Creative Block
    I think it so hard to be creative with all of the distractions associated with a laptop. It’s hard to concentrate or think and focus on what I’m typing when I’m on my laptop. I always feel like Facebook and Instagram are one click away. Then I remember the sensitivity of my mousepad and that makes me nervous. I have to constantly wonder if I’m really typing or did I just lose everything I tried to type. With all of the things I have to think about, there’s no room for creativity.

Can you relate to any of these issues? Maybe you have your own remedies for writing on a laptop or computer, share them with me below in the comment area.