Who To Talk To When You’re Having a Depression Attack

When we are dealing with an intense issue such as depression, we don’t tend to want to vent and get out all that is causing us to feel negative. However, most know that talking during a “depression attack” is helpful and lowers the risk of suicidal thoughts and actions. However, after talking to my friends and family about it for a while, I noticed that they can become a bit tired of my depression attacks. I get it. They’ve offered all the advice that they had and have lent me their ears and hearts for as long as they could. They’ve done all they could do. Does that mean I am without anyone to console me during my depression attacks? When my family and friends need a break, where does that leave me? Well, I know that I’m not alone in my quest to get better and find relief so I have compiled a list of things to do when you finally feel up to talking through your depression attacks.

Whenever family and friends are unavailable or unable to understand my depression attack, I know that I can turn to a hotline. Hotlines have trained staff and trained volunteers who are able to offer helpful advice or just lend a listening ear. When you’re experiencing an attack, don’t rely on just anyone, you want to make sure that you survive this depression attack. Give yourself a fighting chance and make a free call. It cost me nothing and it won’t cost you anything either. In fact, you’ll gain more from calling and asking for help than if you just sat at home trying to process your own feelings.

Here are some national numbers to call if you need to connect with someone during a depression attack.

Group Therapy
What better way to discuss all that is going on internally than to talk to a group of people who understand where you’re coming from. The people in the groups relate to my emotions about family and friends, my problems, and my depression attack symptoms. Most have been where I’ve been and even have some remedies. They can offer the best help as well as innovative and creative ideas for dealing with depression attacks. There is also the possibility of making a friend or two. If that happens then I’m sure they’ll never get tired of hearing about my depression attacks and I won’t get tired of hearing about theirs. We could work together to get through each attack.

Online Chat & Text
For me, writing is easier than talking. I have an easier time explaining myself thoroughly when I can write my feelings down. It makes it easier for me to connect to someone trying to help me. It also makes it easier for me sift through my problems and get to the bottom of it. If writing is better for you than try online chatting or texting from your phone. If you want to try texting, just text CONNECT to 741741 in the United States and your text will be sent to a professional at Crisis Text Line.

The key here is to never give up when trying to voice your feelings about your depression attack symptoms. Although it may never feel like it, I believe that one day there will be a breakthrough and each depression attack won’t last as long as the previous one. In order to get there, I just have to keep fighting, even when I don’t feel like it.