What Would My Future Self Tell Me?

We always say to ourselves, that if we’d known what we knew now back in our youth, things would have been different. What if there was a way to do just that? What if your future self could somehow contact you and let you know about some dangers ahead in life or about your victories and accomplishments. It’s an intriguing thought. Let’s pretend a time machine sends you a letter from your future self–ten or twenty or thirty years from now.  What will that letter say?

I can obviously only answer for myself, but I think any letter from future self would be harsh. It would be tough love since it would be a letter that’s loving, yet still an ass kicking. Why? Well, that’s how I think to myself now and I don’t expect my future self to be any different.

The letter would list everything I’m doing correctly and how to maintain doing those things. It would break down the results of my good deeds and good habits while giving me encouragement to keep those actions up. However, when it comes to my bad habits like procrastination, my future self would find a harsh, yet tactful and sarcastic way of telling me to get off my ass and make things happen. It wouldn’t feel sorry for anything challenges or obstacles because that’s life, we all have obstacles. If you want to be successful, it is mandatory that you overcome these problems just like all those who overcame their problems, most of which were worse than yours.

Overall, this letter would be encouraging. The seeds of my future lay in my present. If my future is great, then that means I’m making the best decisions and will continue to do so. If my future is bleak, I just gave myself a golden opportunity to fix everything.

What would your letters say? Write me a snippet in the comment section.