Watching Movies While Camping

Watching Movies While Camping


I saw this picture on Pinterest today and I thought to myself, “What movies would I want to watch on this type of screen?” It looks like this family is enjoying some homemade movies and videos of when they were on the beach. Clearly there are more pillows than people so the kids must be running around somewhere.

However, if I were to have an event like this, I too would invite my family and friends. If I’m outside on some pillows and drinking with my family and friends, I’d want to watch a comedy or a mindless fun action. I value company over entertainment and would want to be able to hold a conversation. Not so much as to talk during the movie, but I definitely don’t want to block or tune people out because the movie is so deep.

I tried to find movies that are enjoyable but not so mind boggling that if we miss a part, we’d have to rewind. Below are the list of movies that I would watch if I had a get together with the folks.



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My Outside Movie List

The Avengers
A superhero movie about multiple superheroes coming together and learning to fight as a team against terrorizing alien nation.

Undercover Brother
A top secret African American agency has to put a stop to the distribution of a psycho-hallucinogenic drug that will cause the population to turn into zombies.

Fast & Furious
The team is assembled once again to go on a mission, but finds out that Dominic’s girlfriend really isn’t dead.

Two astronauts have an accident in space and must work together in order to survive.

These are the movies I would most likely watch while outside camping. Let me know which movies you would like to watch if you were outside camping or just watching a movie on an outside screen.

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