Volunteering at Health Care Enrollment in with the Sacramento Urban League Young Professionals

Volunteering at Health Care Enrollment in with the Sacramento Urban League Young Professionals


Serving your community is great way to give back and impact your local area. I’m always looking to help out when I can and volunteering is such a rewarding experience. This past March, I was able to volunteer to help families with insurance policies.

The event was hosted by Greater Sacramento Urban League and various health care providers. Their goal was to help families get enrolled in healthcare programs, they called it Get Covered Health Care event. I was there early to help setup the space with all that I needed for my task.

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That day, it was my job to see which plan each family qualified for. I used a calculator that helped me to determine their eligibility based on information given to me by the family. I needed their social security numbers, their proof of address, a check stub or tax information, and their ID card. After I used the Covered California Calculator, I was able to let them know which plans were available to them. Based on the calculations, they were either eligible for the Medi-Cal or one of several plans with various price ranges.

The other plans were broken into four tiers; bronze, silver, gold and platinum. If they qualified for one of those types of plans, I would down write about two or three different plans for them and point them in the direction to obtain their official enrollment. This was a very short process. I even had information to explain to them and it still only took about five minutes.

Volunteering at the enrollment event was a very easy day. I only worked about four hours. The community of people that were looking for insurance were very friendly. The staff and the other volunteers were professional and pretty laid back. To me, that was perfect, it makes volunteering so much easier when everyone is enjoying their jobs and activities.

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