Unit Rules at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Prison is full of rules and regulations, something everyone already knows. However, you would think that strict adherence to these policies would be maintained. From time to time, a memo must be sent out to all the inmates regarding those rules that have not been followed. Of course, there is disciplinary action for those inmates who choose not to follow them. Before I came, I figured there’d be one strike and you’re in trouble, even if it was an accident.

According to this memo, you can see that the administration wasn’t as strict as I thought. Here they reiterate how important it is to keep your lockers, bunks, and personal bulletin boards neat and clean. You may also notice the strict rules for how to organize and clean things. The camp administrator re-posted this memo to remind the campers of their behavior and how they need to keep their areas clean.

Below is an excerpt of the memo. Below that is a copy of the actual memo.

Shirts and shorts must be worn to and from the showers. (NO Boxers, must be shorts).
There will be NO working out in the Dormitory

NO Food Service items (Food or Utensils) are allowed in the Dorm.
NO MRE’s are allowed in the Dormitory.

There will be nothing that obscures the visibility of your bunk at any time. i.e. towels, sheets, hanging clothes. (No curtains)

There will be NO secondary containers.

There will be NO rope ties/hangers in your cubicle.

NO Cardboard in the cells

The Top of all the lockers in the cells must be clean. There should be nothing on top of the lockers between 7:00am-4:00pm. Cubicles must conform to the standards posted on the bulletin board.

There will be NO yelling in the Dorm.

Shoes must be stored under the bunk.

Do not sit on the washer, dryer or ironing boards.

NO magazine clippings in the cubicles, other than inside the lockers.

NO pictures shall hang over the edges of the inmate’s personal bulletin board in the cells.
All pictures must be tasteful, no nudity, those are to be kept inside the locker.

Beds must be made by 7:00am, Monday-Friday.

Inmate are required to be in uniform and have their ID card in their possession. (Shirts tucked in, with work boots) from 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday-Friday.

Nothing shall be used to cover the exterior windows in the Leisure Library, Law Library or any window in the Dormitory. Only work uniforms and a jacket are authorized to be stored on the side of the locker.
Upon entering the Unit Team Area, inmates shall be dressed appropriately, no radios and no drinks.

Cleaning supplies need to be checked out from the Unit Officer with your Commissary Card.

Cleaning supplies, for example: Zud, Spray bottles, Brooms, dust pans, etc, will not be in inmate cubicles unless in use.

Unit Rules