True Wellness Includes Detoxing Methods

If wellness is about a lifestyle of overall good health than it has to become more than just exercising and healthy eating. I have discovered that detoxification is also needed, but can be difficult or embarrassing.  I admit this is where most men stop when it comes to wellness. We might add in some herbal remedies and supplements, but what I believe we need to add in is either a daily or weekly cleanse; a quick and easy detoxing method too. Our bodies store so many toxins no matter what we eat. There are toxins in the air too! In this day and age, an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away. Colon cancer is a real and scary issue among men, so is liver failure. These two organs are our best way of detoxing, but when they are overloaded, we get sick or have to deal with unfortunate consequences. I’ve heard that juicing or an apple cider vinegar drink is a great way to get rid of toxins. However, juicing and apple cider vinegar drinks can taste horrible. For those that aren’t into juicing everyday here are three easy detoxing methods.

Ionic Footbaths

This has got to be the easiest and most relaxing method of removing toxins. Who doesn’t like a soothing foot bath, especially if you stand on your feet all day? What’s different about these footbaths is that the ions work with your body to pull out toxins through your feet. You can tell what type of toxins your body is full of by the color of the water. You will want to find a natural health provider to assist you because owning one of these special footbaths is expensive. Also, a natural health provider will be able to give you remedies for reducing your toxicity for a better result. I believe you need at least ten foot soaks in order to significantly decrease toxicity.

Colon Hydrotherapy
If you know what this is then I’m sure you’re tempted to pass on to the next idea. However, there are some of us guys that aren’t as regular as we should be. This causes really old toxins to sit in our colons and potentially cause cancer. Detoxing methods like this are a bit invasive and I definitely wouldn’t do it unless it was out of desperation. Colon hydrotherapy is like a massive enema. A doctor flushes out your colon with gallons of warm water to loosen up everything inside. Perhaps you’ve heard of old fecal matter being stuck on the walls of your colon and how it contributes to your weight, body toxicity, and overall health. It’s a last resort, but effective nonetheless.

Activated Charcoaldetoxing methods

Another one of my detoxing methods is activated carbon or charcoal. Yes, this is essentially like burnt toast, however, it is odorless and tasteless. Activated charcoal has the power to capture, bind, and remove poisons, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, toxins, and intestinal gases which have thousands of times more weight than the charcoal itself according to the article on Truth About Cancer. Doctors use activated charcoal as a cure for poison victims in hospitals. It comes in a liquid, pill, or powder form. You can even purchase activated charcoal soap for your skin.

There are many effective detoxing methods and if we are going to be healthy for real, then we have to add this to our regimen. This world is full of toxins and the government doesn’t really tell us everything we need to know to stay healthy. We can enjoy foods and drinks much more when we have a way to help our bodies stay clean.