Top Five Lies Women Tell Me That Drive Me Crazy


After reading a blog from Standard media about women lying to men, I started thinking about the lies women have told me. When a woman lies to me, I feel as though it’s my fault. Maybe I’m unapproachable or I made fun of her for something. Whatever it is, I must have made her feel like she couldn’t be honest with me. Lying is an attribute I really dislike because I try to make sure I’m as open and understanding as humanly possible towards a woman’s honest statements. However, even when I make the environment comfortable for honesty, women still find it necessary to lie to me. I guess women try to tell me what they think I want to hear or maybe they just can’t be honest with themselves. Regardless of the answer, here are my top five lies that drive me crazy!

Seriously, I’m Not Mad at You
This is a familiar saying for many men. However, she is still visibly angry, standoffish, or unwilling to talk. Then if I do the smallest things, she’ll snap at me. This makes me think things like, ‘Are you really that mad at me for turning the channels quickly? I don’t think so.’ Ladies just tell us what the problem is we so can solve it.

The Sex Was Amazing
Sometimes women will stay this because it’s very true, hence, not a problem. However, it’s when I KNOW the sex sucked and she still says it, I know it’s only to boost my ego. However, boosting my echo is just patronizing. Don’t do that. Just find a tactful way of telling me you didn’t like it.

It’s Not You Dear, It’s Me
This lie is really bad because it’s just a cop out. I can respect a woman who can be honest and say that she found another man. In fact, sometimes men already know she is seeing someone else because of how she acts. She leaves clues instead of just saying so. With me, women don’t need to protect my feelings like they do with other men. I can find someone else. If she can honestly say that she didn’t want to be with me, then I would want to move on too. I can’t respect a woman that straight up lies to protect herself when there’s no threat.

I’ll Be Ready in Two Minutes
This isn’t as bad of a lie to me as the ones above. It’s more of an annoyance that I can actually overlook, unless we are pressed for time. I mean, I’ve learned that two minutes really means two hours. However, it’s important to me that she is respectful of my time. That’s all I ask.

Honey, I Don’t Mind if You Look at Other Women
This is probably true, until I’m looking at another woman who’s hotter than her. All of a sudden, I’m viewed as an extremely horny man who can’t keep his manhood in his pants.  Then I’m being told that because I looked, I must be sleeping with every woman in Sacramento. I find this to be true with overly jealous women or insecure women. Now understand, I’m definitely going to look, but I’m going to be very respectful about how I do it. However, I’m going to look nonetheless. Just know, that if you give me “permission” to look, I don’t expect you to become some insecure and jealous woman. Go look at another man or something. I don’t trip off of stuff like that.


Which of these lies do you dislike? Women which of these lies do you use all the time? Please leave your comments below.