Too Old For Children?

Women are known for watching their biological time clocks like a hawk, however men also think about their age in regards to having children. As I near the age of 36, my mind has been consumed with thoughts of if it’s too late for me to have children. It’s  a question only I can answer. As men and women get older there are health concerns and although I understand that, I don’t believe it will be an issue for me.

Even though my age makes me question if I’m too old for children it still doesn’t overwhelm or burden me with the fact that I may miss out on having my own children. If I miss out, then I miss out. I’m currently unsure if I can be a great role model to my children if I haven’t experienced a full life.

I came home only two years ago, but before that I kept to myself and never traveled. I usually wasn’t the type of party person who stayed out all night long nor did I spend time with great people. I also didn’t do the amount of volunteer work that I wanted to or help someone better themselves.

I like to help people but it feels like all I’ve done is spend my life pleasing others. There’s a good chance that I could get off probation in 2015. I want to live my life and get out of Sacramento. It’s not that I want to move away, Sacramento is my home no matter what, but I want to see other places in the world like Africa, Europe or the other half of the United States. I also want to see how far my writing will take me.

Living my life to the fullest also includes a path to further evolve my life. So far it’s just spiritual changes here and there, but having a child could stop my progress. I wonder if having a child would hinder my spiritual growth. I remember family members slowing down because of their children. I guess my number one question is, “Can I continue to strive when I have a child?”

I guess only time will tell. Having a child is something I shouldn’t worry about right now. I should keep growing and allow whatever happens to happen.

Have you had a child and it slowed down your achievements, spiritual growth or career? Let me know in the comment section.