Three Habits To Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur

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When most people think about being an entrepreneur, they think about owning their own business, long hours and being their own boss. They could also think about being up late hours of the night working on finances and marketing plans/, but most people fail to realize is that being an entrepreneur means you have to be social.

As I strive to be an entrepreneur, I’m learning that I have to be a people’s person. By that I mean I have to enjoy people and I have to love being around people. If this is what I want to be, then I have to live that type of lifestyle. I read more about the lifestyle and I came across YFS’s post titled 10 Habits of Highly Connected Entrepreneurs.

From that list, here are three things I will improve on to be a better entrepreneur.

  1. Smile More
    I admit that I can look hella grumpy. I don’t even realize it to be honest. That could be the reason people would see me as unapproachable. YFS suggests that smiling is “also a powerful show of confidence, which people respect and are drawn to. Smiles are contagious and the simple act makes people feel better.”
  2. Visualize Friends
    I have to start viewing everyone as friends and not strangers. I have a habit of thinking that because someone doesn’t know me or I don’t know them, then maybe I shouldn’t talk to them. If that type of thinking continues I could push or keep people away from me. That person could be a sale or an opportunity for a huge break. Even better, that person could just make my experience at the event much more pleasant and enjoyable. We all need that, especially me since I usually go to mixers alone.
  3. Be Myself
    This is always the most important thing. It’s one of those things that could apply to all walks of life. In business, I’m learning there’s a LOT of copycats. Uniqueness is something people fear because they want to focus on what works in order to maximize their ROI or to guarantee an error-free experience. That’s fine, except people don’t like copycats. People like people who are unique and can bring something new to their lives. My uniqueness could be the reason some new “hit thing” breaks into the market and makes millions. We’ll never know if I just focus on being like everyone else.

Can you relate to these suggestions? What suggestions do you have to be a better skilled entrepreneur?