The Importance of Following Your Inner Voice


You can hear it and you can also feel it, but how often do you ignore it? It’s the sometimes peacefully quiet, sometimes boldly obnoxious voice on the inside of you. It’s the voice that you second guess or brush off, but it’s the voice that when you follow it, affords you opportunities beyond your imagination. It’s your inner voice and it shouldn’t be ignored.

I was reading a blog post from intentblog.com and she was wrote about how she disregarded using her inner voice for a guest blog post she had written. Unfortunately, her post was rejected and she attributes this to the fact that she didn’t use her inner voice. As I read that post, I was reminded of a time I was rejected. The platform said my post was too stuffy and unreal.

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However whenever I “write like I talk” or just write the way I feel about a subject, those articles seem to do better and receive better responses. Personally, I think the reason for this is because people want to read real emotions about real people. Kristin A. Meekhof said in her post, “I think we all have our own inner voice that guides and teaches us. For some of us, that voice is strong and courageous.” I think people want to see that strong and courageous voice seep through our every word.

Quite honestly, I feel better when I write with my inner voice. It makes me feel like I’m saying exactly what I want to say. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer. I want the ability to convey thoughts and my mind in a way that could help others.

I realized that if I’m not writing with my inner voice, I’m not achieving that aspect of writing. I’m actually doing the opposite, which to me, is too much like employment. I like the freedom of writing and writing from my inner voice and heart, but it’s my inner voice that gives me that type of freedom. When writing, I shouldn’t allow myself to be put into a position where my inner voice is unheard.

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