The Expectations of Herlong Prison and Herlong Prison Camp

My thought process when entering prison camp was to make sure that this experience was a positive one. Although I was locked up in a place filled with rumors of gangs, sexual assaults, and a major loss of freedom, I did my best to stay on a positive path. As you read this memo, you will see that I was not alone in my thinking. The staff and their supervisors desired a safe and positive environment as well. They have put in place various rules in order to keep things safe for everyone.

However, I didn’t need their help since I found the library which was filled with books that enabled me to further develop myself as a person and a writer. I took advantage of the quiet time and wrote pieces that contributed to my novel as well as this blog. I encourage everyone that has to go to prison to stay encouraged and find a way to use the time to further develop yourself.

The Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) sent this memo to all the inmates via Trulincs. This memo explains the rules and the BOP’s core values, which relate to what I was able to accomplish; and to what you can also accomplish.


Expectations at herlong Prison Expectations at herlong Prison 2