Thanksgiving Is So Much Better Now


Many researchers say that one of the best ways to overcome depression and relieve stress is to be thankful. Although I’m not stressed or depressed today, I am thankful and grateful for a lot. Acknowledging all that I have will allow me to ward off negativity for a while. Today, there’s no better day than to give thanks. If you’re usually a negative person, then think about where you were in life and how things have changed for the better. I’m particularly grateful that I’m not where I was a couple years ago.

Back in 2011, I was in Herlong Prison Camp. It was rough for me because I knew that I was a good person that made a couple of wrong decisions. The others that had helped me make these bad decisions were home and happy with their families and I felt like I was the only one being punished. I made up my mind to get past that and although I did, when Thanksgiving came around, I was severely troubled.

At Herlong, the holidays added to my loneliness. At my grandma’s house, we ate the amazing soul food that my grandma cooked. It was a far cry from what was served at the prison camp. Thanksgiving dinner was more like Thanksgiving lunch because they served it at 10:30 a.m. The food was edible and they gave us a larger portion than normal due to the holiday. We had turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and other sides. I decided to save the meat for dinner, but I didn’t like the stuffing. It had cranberries, celery, carrots, onions and breading in it. They also gave us a free Coke, but I gave it away. At dinner time, they gave us a sack of food for Thanksgiving dinner. The sack had four pieces of bread, bologna meat, peanut butter cookies, and mini pretzels.

Both meals were incomparable to what I would have eaten at my grandma’s house. I knew if I was home, I’d be eating turkey, ham, mac & cheese, oysters, yams, greens, and nine different types of pies. However, this year I am home. Although I may be working as an Uber driver, I’m still thankful that I don’t have to miss this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was the one time my family got together in a big way. My family could miss Christmas, most birthdays, and other family events, but never Thanksgiving. That’s why it’s my favorite holiday.

Despite me having to work today, I’m grateful that I can work the type of job I want. I glad that it isn’t something I feel disrespects me or isn’t worth my time. I thankful that I’m free from prison camp and that I no longer have to deal with rude or childish inmates. I’m grateful that my website does well and my career is also going well. If you haven’t received a copy of my book, click here and purchase it. It goes into more detail about my time in Herlong Prison Camp.