You’re Not Clean Eating If You Don’t Do This

clean eating

Clean eating generally refers to eating foods in their most natural state, however, today I want to make a new case. It has always been my opinion that most cancers come from the buildup of toxins within our bodies left over from the foods we eat, the products we use, and the air we breathe. … Read moreYou’re Not Clean Eating If You Don’t Do This

Total Wellness Takes Effort and Planning

Total wellness means being in overall good health. We usually try to obtain good health by exercising, eating right, and flushing out toxins. However, according to the National Wellness Institute, there are actually six dimensions or parts of wellness. The six dimensions include emotional, occupational, social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual. Achieving total wellness takes some … Read moreTotal Wellness Takes Effort and Planning

True Wellness Includes Detoxing Methods

If wellness is about a lifestyle of overall good health than it has to become more than just exercising and healthy eating. I have discovered that detoxification is also needed, but can be difficult or embarrassing.  I admit this is where most men stop when it comes to wellness. We might add in some herbal … Read moreTrue Wellness Includes Detoxing Methods