Top Five Lies Women Tell Me That Drive Me Crazy

After reading a blog from Standard media about women lying to men, I started thinking about the lies women have told me. When a woman lies to me, I feel as though it’s my fault. Maybe I’m unapproachable or I made fun of her for something. Whatever it is, I must have made her feel … Read moreTop Five Lies Women Tell Me That Drive Me Crazy

Why Men Don’t Discuss Sex Openly

Today I was reading a post from VerySmartBrothas which discussed why men don’t discuss their sex lives openly. Like the author, I was thinking, “All I ever hear are men talking about their sex lives.” In fact, I think men do it too much. It gets really old hearing men talk about their latest  female … Read moreWhy Men Don’t Discuss Sex Openly

Beware Of Snitches At Herlong Prison Camp

“Snitches get stitches” is a powerful statement that implies that tattle tales or snitches deserve the consequence of being beat up various people. The outside community never favors a snitch and neither does the prison community. I spent a little time in Herlong Prison Camp and encountered snitches. Here’s a little story about why you … Read moreBeware Of Snitches At Herlong Prison Camp

How Important Is Count Time?

Sometimes, I think some of the correctional officers (COs) are lightweight sadists because they use their power to please or thrill themselves. It’s a perfect example of someone abusing their authoritative power. Society thinks prisons are the best place to reform an individual, but when people mismanage their authority, it just makes an inmate more … Read moreHow Important Is Count Time?