First Draft Is Shit.

“The first draft of everything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway If you’re a writer, then I’m sure you’ve felt like your first draft had to be perfect. You wanted to cut down on the time it took to get a great piece, but along the way, you find yourself having to stop to fix this… Continue reading First Draft Is Shit.

Cheap Dates are the BEST!

Okay, so I’m always stressing about where to take a woman on our first date. It’s almost as if I’m worried about if this place or that place is the most important because it’s a maker/breaker of our date.  I admit it does feel as if I have to make sure the place is perfect,… Continue reading Cheap Dates are the BEST!

Transition to Continental Breakfast Due To Increase of Food Cost

Periodically, inmates receive memos from the Warden or other prison and prison camp staff about updates in policy or other warnings. This is an official memo found in the Trulincs system. The memo below tells both the prison camp and the prison that the administration is getting rid of the normal full-sized breakfast. They are… Continue reading Transition to Continental Breakfast Due To Increase of Food Cost

Perfect Characterization

Characters are the life force of any story, movie, or book. If you want a compelling story or book, your character has to be equally compelling. It’s through the character’s eyes and thoughts that the reader or movie goer understands the environment and sees themes. The better the character, the better your audience will understand… Continue reading Perfect Characterization