What Does Christmas Mean To Me?

People have varying reasons for celebrating Christmas, but for me, if it wasn’t for the purpose of family coming together, I honestly wouldn’t celebrate it. This day is nothing special to me, except that I get to see family that I haven’t seen in a while. There are some family members that I can’t catch … Read moreWhat Does Christmas Mean To Me?

How To Get Readjusted After Returning From Prison Camp

9 Tips for Reestablishing Your Life So you just got home from prison, congratulations! I’m sure seeing your family was a fantastic blessing. Breathing that fresh, clean, FREE air is so refreshing. Now you need to get adjusted to society and get your life back in order. You’ve heard all the stories and lies, so … Read moreHow To Get Readjusted After Returning From Prison Camp

Community Based Program Agreement

It’s a great feeling to be released from prison, even if you are going into a halfway house program. The rules are different, but there is more freedom for inmates. In fact, there’s so much freedom, that there’s an agreement that each transitioning inmate must sign before being released. The agreement outlines restrictions and gives … Read moreCommunity Based Program Agreement

Oakland Halfway House Resident Handbook–Complete

Oakland Halfway House is a transitional living institution for former inmates located in Oakland, California. This post is a brief recount of my stay there and how to survive your stay. Oakland Halfway House is a co-ed residency in which the women are the minority and the men are the majority. The women stayed in … Read moreOakland Halfway House Resident Handbook–Complete