Thanksgiving Is So Much Better Now

Many researchers say that one of the best ways to overcome depression and relieve stress is to be thankful. Although I’m not stressed or depressed today, I am thankful and grateful for a lot. Acknowledging all that I have will allow me to ward off negativity for a while. Today, there’s no better day than … Read moreThanksgiving Is So Much Better Now

How To Make Friends In Prison

Everyone needs a friend sometimes, even when you’re behind bars. It can be lonely in prison whether you’re in a camp or a higher security area. Day to day struggles require someone’s help to overcome negative emotions. If you’re new to prison or haven’t many friends while locked up, here’s how to make friends. Be … Read moreHow To Make Friends In Prison

Inmate Direct and Prepaid Calling Rates

Staying in touch with loved ones can be challenging when you’re away at prison camp or prison. There are no cell phones allowed and if you’re caught with one then you most likely will receive a shot (disciplinary action). The phones that are available cost money and inmates aren’t the ones that pay the bill. … Read moreInmate Direct and Prepaid Calling Rates