Snitches, An excerpt from Subprime Felon


There’s a saying in the street and I’m sure you’ve heard somebody say to you. It’s simply, “Snitches get stitches”. It’s a powerful statement that implies that tattle tales or snitches deserve the consequence of getting beat up or jumped by multiple people. The community never favors a snitch and neither does the prison community.

As I spent seventeen months in a federal prison camp, I learned much more about snitching than I had ever known. Inside the camp, it’s a sneaky system used to keep inmates subdued. Below I share an excerpt on snitching from my own book called, “Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp.” Check it out.


“[…]we all had to be careful because some of those inmates were really undercover police officers or COs. It was believed that GM6 had a major shakedown because a police officer posing as an inmate told the GM6 COs about the wrongdoings of the inmates. The result was that five inmates got fired from the assignment. That’s why inmates avoided talking about sensitive information around inmates they didn’t trust. Snitches were always looking for some dirt on other inmates to use as blackmail. Therefore, they ear hustled (eavesdropped on) as many conversations as possible. According to what the inmates told me, snitches were the cheapest way to govern and regulate the system. They were very quick to tell on a person, mainly because they couldn’t fight. I talked to two snitches who told me to my face that they had no problem snitching. It’s the passive evil way of getting back at bullying. I didn’t argue with it.

“One inmate, Danny the Jew, admitted to me that he’d snitched on inmates and had fake cell phones just in case anyone picked on him or gave him problems. He told me that it gave him power over other inmates who could fight better than him. If an inmate ever gave him a problem, he could just put a cell phone on him. If the inmate got caught, he would get a 100-series shot (which added points to an inmate’s record and could make him lose camp status), a $75 fine, and about six months in the hole. The inmate would most likely be moved to another camp or prison. I kept my distance from him, though we did get along very well. However, snitching only made inmates look like bitches to other inmates and the authorities. The CO didn’t respect a snitch because he saw him as someone who couldn’t fight for himself or who didn’t have problem-solving skills.”


If you enjoyed this excerpt, check out my book, “Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp” available NOW on Amazon. It’s a smooth read that will keep you on your toes. Write below in the comment section about your thoughts on snitching in prison.

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Saying Good-bye to my Stepdad

He was taking his son to prison

Good-byes aren’t hard when you know you’ll see that person soon. When you are unsure of the time frame or know it’s going to be a long time, good-byes are extremely hard. The day I had to go to prison was a difficult time for my family. That day, we did things we didn’t normally do. Below is an excerpt about that day, taken from my book called “Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp.”

“On May 12, 2011, I started the day at four in the morning by saying good-bye to my stepdad, who was just waking up to wish me luck. From there, my mom dropped me off at Pierce Sr.’s house just before she went to work. I hugged her good-bye. It was the first time we’d hugged in years. We’re not a real affectionate family. However, anyone could tell how much we loved each other. The fact she hugged me meant that she knew that I was going on a crazy journey. She couldn’t do anything but watch on the sidelines like a stressed-out, emotional quarterback watching his defense hold the other team.

“Pierce was still sleeping when I got to his house. I entered without waking him and lay down on his couch. I actually managed to sleep until he woke me. We talked for a few minutes. I could tell that he was nervous about that drive. The two of us had a lot of issues in the past. It was one of the reasons that I call him Pierce and not Dad, and why I prefer my name to be spelled Pyerse instead of Pierce. However, that day, I saw in his eyes that he was going to take his son to prison. We both knew that I was going to a camp, which wouldn’t be like the prisons on television. However, at that moment I felt like he was doing the saddest task that he ever had to do. He wanted to do it because he knew how hard it would be for me to get there on my own. And maybe he just wanted to say a few last words to me and see me one last time. Whatever his reasons were, I know they were probably the most genuine I’ve ever felt from him.”

Excerpt From: “Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp.”

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What was your hardest goodbye? Let me know in the comments.

Heterosexual Males Having Sex In Federal Prison Camp


Rumor Has It

Sexual desire is normally very strong in males to begin with and everyone knows the urge for sex doesn’t relinquish its grip when you’re in prison. In fact, the desire increases with every hour that it’s unfulfilled. The media has brainwashed society to thinking that every prison is filled with stories of heterosexual men changing their sexual orientation merely because of their thirst. However, I believe it would be a good TV show or at least an interesting part of the script if some of the rumors I have heard were dramatized.

Let me make myself clear and say that these are just rumors and I cannot prove nor disprove them, but I can say that the inmates that told me were used to bullshitting and joking around. These stories have been told to me while I was locked up at Herlong Prison between May 2011 and May 2012. I take no faith in these rumors, but if you want great entertainment, read below because I have heard a ton of rumors!

CO’s and Inmates
A correctional officer and an inmate were caught having sex while the inmate was in a security housing unit or SHU, which is slang for a type of solitary confinement. The CO was in her early twenties and the inmate was serving a multi-year sentence, but I’m unaware of his charges. When they were caught, the CO lost her job and was charged. The inmate received additional time on his sentence.

At Herlong Prison, there was another CO who charged $500 for sex with inmates. The inmate would wire the money to her account and once it was there, they would proceed. Then the CO would take the inmate to a place where they wouldn’t get caught and neither could get into trouble.

Inmates also took advantage of lazy and/or routined correctional officers. They would wait until after the final count at 10 pm was complete. The CO wouldn’t be supervising and would go into the back room. Then, inmates would somehow sneak out of the back door and a girl would be waiting for them in the parking lot, track or at the baseball diamond.


Community Service Opportunities
There is a rumor that multiple inmates received blow jobs or sex while serving community service. Since I have worked community service projects, I could actually see this one play out. A lot of times, there was no one supervising us and we were left alone. The only issue would be keeping your fellow inmates quiet about where you were. It’s possible with bribes, I guess.


Inside Prison Facilities
Inside the prison is a library that we called Leisure Library. This is where I did most of my writing and studying. I was constantly made fun of due to the library’s reputation. This library would have paid prostitutes waiting for inmates to have sex with them. Inmates would also watch a lot porn here. This was considered the whore house of the prison.

While a certain wife visited her husband in prison, they somehow were able to sneak off to the women’s restroom. Once inside she gave him a blow job – and they both got away with it. You know that only added fuel to their fire, so the next time she visited, they did it again. This time they were both caught in the restroom. As punishment, the inmate was moved to a different federal correctional institution (FCI) and received an additional year on his sentence. His wife was banned from seeing him, charged with rape and sentenced to one year in prison.

I was told in my A&O ( Admission & Orientation) Meeting that regardless of an inmates voluntary actions to participate in sex, they are legally considered to lack the ability to mentally consent. This inability to consent means that any sex (regardless of sexual orientation) with an inmate is considered rape.


As you can see, there weren’t homosexual stories here. Sorry if that disappoints you, but I’ve seen no evidence that there were any homosexuals in Herlong  Prison Camp when I was there (May 2011 – May 2012). As for the rest of the stories, if you are planning a wild heist such as exploiting loopholes for sex while in prison, let me know how that turns out for you. Even if you’ve only heard rumors, let me know – you can write your story down in the comments below.

Unit Rules at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Prison is full of rules and regulations, something everyone already knows. However, you would think that strict adherence to these policies would be maintained. From time to time, a memo must be sent out to all the inmates regarding those rules that have not been followed. Of course there is disciplinary action for those inmates who choose not to follow them. Before I came, I figured there’d be one strike and you’re in trouble, even if it was an accident.

According to this memo, you can see that administration wasn’t as strict as I thought. Here they reiterate how important it is to keep your lockers, bunks, and personal bulletin boards neat and clean. You may also notice the strict rules for how to organize and clean things. The camp administrator re-posted this memo to remind the campers of their behavior and how they need to keep their areas clean.

Below is an excerpt of the memo. Below that is a copy of the actual memo.

Shirts and shorts must be worn to and from the showers. (NO Boxers, must be shorts).
There will be NO working out in the Dormitory

NO Food Service items (Food or Utensils) are allowed in the Dorm.
NO MRE’s are allowed in the Dormitory.

There will be nothing that obscures the visibility of your bunk at any time. i.e. towels, sheets, hanging clothes. (No curtains)

There will be NO secondary containers.

There will be NO rope ties/hangers in your cubicle.

NO Cardboard in the cells

The Top of all the lockers in the cells must be clean. There should be nothing on top of the lockers between 7:00am-4:00pm. Cubicles must conform to the standards posted on the bulletin board.

There will be NO yelling in the Dorm.

Shoes must be stored under the bunk.

Do not sit on the washer, dryer or ironing boards.

NO magazine clippings in the cubicles, other than inside the lockers.

NO pictures shall hang over the edges of the inmate’s personal bulletin board in the cells.
All pictures must be tasteful, no nudity, those are to be kept inside the locker.

Beds must be made by 7:00am, Monday-Friday.

Inmate are required to be in uniform and have their ID card in their possession. (Shirts tucked in, with work boots) from 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday-Friday.

Nothing shall be used to cover the exterior windows in the Leisure Library, Law Library or any window in the Dormitory. Only work uniforms and a jacket are authorized to be stored on the side of the locker.
Upon entering the Unit Team Area, inmates shall be dressed appropriately, no radios and no drinks.

Cleaning supplies need to be checked out from the Unit Officer with your Commissary Card.

Cleaning supplies, for example: Zud, Spray bottles, Brooms, dust pans, etc, will not be in inmate cubicles unless in use.

Unit Rules

Leather Craft Changes at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Prison systems love to keep inmates busy. They provide the inmates with a variety of activities, movies, books and crafting hobbies. They also have available jobs that inmates can apply to. A busy inmate keeps the administrative staff from overworking and having to keep up with all the inmates at once. Trust me, no one wants an overwhelmed correctional officer, especially inmates.
However, it is discouraging to inmates when things that have become important are taken away. Before I came to Herlong Prison Camp, the inmates talked about a department called UNICOR that shut down. It paid great money, which is only about $100 per month, but in prison, it was good money. As you read this memo from the Herlong administration, you’ll see how they once again discouraged some inmates from developing a great leather working skill. The leather hobby is a great hobby and skill to have. An inmate can use this as a way to start his own business when he got out of prison as leather working is a popular and marketable skill.
I wish that prisons really were a place to help inmates change their perspectives and encourage them to become an entrepreneur. We all know that when leaving prison, jobs are hard to find.
Let me know what you think about these types of changes in the comment section below.



 October 04, 2011



FROM:                       R. Harrington, Hobby Craft Supervisor
SUBJECT:                 Leather Craft changes


Effective October 04, 2011, Bulk leather will no longer be available to purchase via Special Purchase Order. “Leather Kits” and approved leather dyes, paints, finishes and adhesives will be the ONLY items that are approved to order for leather hobby. Those who currently have leather will be permitted to finish their projects and mail them home. Special Purchase orders that are submitted with individual leather items will be rejected.



Leather Craft Changes