Are Facebook Games A Money Grab?

Facebook games are truly an addiction that’s easy to fall into. Once a friend starts to play a game and invites you to play then you both become hooked. You begin sending each other lives, game accessories and other important game merchandise just to survive. As part of the challenge, the game wants you to … Read moreAre Facebook Games A Money Grab?

Solutions To Ending Facebook Game Addictions

Okay, let’s admit it, we all from time to time get addicted to these stupid little games on Facebook.  Like I said in an earlier blog, I was addicted to Marvel Avenger Alliance. I was so addicted that I would even spend real money to help me advance in the game. I’ve heard of people … Read moreSolutions To Ending Facebook Game Addictions

I Can’t Play Candy Crush

Everybody needs a way to pass the time and most of us choose to play games. Whether it’s on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, TV or gaming console, I’m sure you have at least one favorite game you love to play. Games are also on social media platforms and a popular game today is found … Read moreI Can’t Play Candy Crush