Watching Movies While Camping

I saw this picture on Pinterest today and I thought to myself, “What movies would I want to watch on this type of screen?” It looks like this family is enjoying some homemade movies and videos of when they were on the beach. Clearly there are more pillows than people so the kids must be … Read moreWatching Movies While Camping

What I’m Learning About Omega-3s and Rhodiola Extract

As I try to reestablish my life after prison, I noticed that even though I found a decent job and my writing career is in full swing, my productivity was suffering. I was becoming lazy, tired and felt an overall draining. I tried to research my symptoms and realized that I was hungrier faster than … Read moreWhat I’m Learning About Omega-3s and Rhodiola Extract

Never Get Drunk At Company Parties

4 Reasons to Never Get Drunk at Company Parties Before going to prison, I remember drinking with coworkers after work at a restaurant called California Cafe. To be honest, it was pretty damn cool. It was a great way to unwind and blow off some steam. It also gave us a chance to get to … Read moreNever Get Drunk At Company Parties