You Don’t Act Black

It’s bad enough that African Americans are stereotyped negatively by the media and other ethnicities. We shouldn’t have to deal with negative stereotypes within our community too, however, sadly we do. For some reason, our mannerisms are supposed to define and solidify our racial status. I’m not sure who thought of this, but it’s wrong. … Read moreYou Don’t Act Black

What Is Love To Me as a Black Man

Many people dream of being in love with someone. They dream of what their life will be like when they’re dating, engaged and then finally married. Society has watched movies of women who were down and out all of a sudden find her prince charming. The world has seen men who were discarded in their … Read moreWhat Is Love To Me as a Black Man

Never Say Racist Jokes If You’re The Only Black Man In The Room

I guess I should be used to being the in the minority. I should probably already know what to say and what not to say. I’ve been in this situation since I was a child. I still remember being in those classrooms surrounded by 25 white kids with only 2 or 3 kids from other … Read moreNever Say Racist Jokes If You’re The Only Black Man In The Room

Preferring N-word Over African American?

According to a TMZ poll fifty-five percent of Black Americans prefer to be referred to as N***a and the remaining forty-five percent prefer African American. Why? Well, according to the rap artist, Suga Knight, “We aren’t from Africa.” I’m assuming he is referring to the fact that Blacks called other Blacks the n-word. I’m unsure … Read morePreferring N-word Over African American?