Dishwashers Begging For Validation

It’s a great thing to love your job and have a desire to do well, improve and move up in the company. However, not every employee wants to move up. In fact, some just don’t care and would rather do as much as they can and go home. Most dishwashers just want to do their… Continue reading Dishwashers Begging For Validation

What Would My Future Self Tell Me?

We always say to ourselves, that if we’d known what we knew now back in our youth, things would have been different. What if there was a way to do just that? What if your future self could somehow contact you and let you know about some dangers ahead in life or about your victories… Continue reading What Would My Future Self Tell Me?

How To Survive Federal Prison Camp

17 Ways To Survive Prison Camp Let’s be honest, prison camp or any kind of prison is stressful. You’re already tired from the drawn-out court process of being convicted and now you’ll be separated from all your friends, family and other loved ones. Those same people will also now have to get by without you.… Continue reading How To Survive Federal Prison Camp