Watching Movies While Camping

I saw this picture on Pinterest today and I thought to myself, “What movies would I want to watch on this type of screen?” It looks like this family is enjoying some homemade movies and videos of when they were on the beach. Clearly there are more pillows than people so the kids must be … Read moreWatching Movies While Camping

How I Used Herlong Prison Camp For Self-Development

I found this journal entry in my prison camp journal at home. I wrote it because I was working on some self-development ideas about getting over procrastination and accomplishing my goals. Once I found it, I gave it a quick edit and decided to post it. Self-development was extremely important for me in prison camp … Read moreHow I Used Herlong Prison Camp For Self-Development

Destroying or Altering Prison Property

Destroying property is never a good idea. At Herlong Prison Camp, just altering the appearance of certain items will get an inmate into trouble. They will face disciplinary action if they have clothing that are cut and sewn. They may face disciplinary action for damaging laundry bags, sheets or broomsticks. The prison also requires a … Read moreDestroying or Altering Prison Property