Sports To Ban Nigga/er?


I read on today that David Stern and Roger Goodell “might make the appropriate choice to define their workplaces as slur-free zones.” To my understanding, if this ban happens it would only take place while the players are playing the game, practicing, or doing other job related events. This ban would not prevent what someone says at home or in their private lives.

Let me just say that I’m not going to tell people what they can and can’t say. If you feel you have the right to say these words, I do respect that, as long as you understand that I disagree. It’s a waste of time trying to prove people right or wrong on this subject, so I’m only going to address my point of view on it.

Maybe the leagues are trying to protect their corporate dollars. If that was true, I think it’s only part of the reason. I think Whites and other non-Black ethnic groups believe it’s unfair and contradictory that they can’t use the n-word but Blacks can. The contradiction is causing confusion about the meaning of the word.

Also, the casual use of the word is weakening our argument about the negativity and offensive nature of the word. It removes any contradictions to the “-a” ending of a word verse the “-er” version of the word. I understand it’s used to refer someone as a dude or homie. Why not just call me dude or homie?

Perhaps there could also be some feedback from fans or the radio. I remember hearing fans talk about how annoying it is when they hear racial slurs on the court and field.  I would have to agree. I understand and respect shit talking, but shit talking doesn’t have to offend a person’s culture and racial identity. To me shit talking should just be centered on that individual person’s or team’s abilities. I guess you could include the way they look, but I still keep it far from cultural and ethnic bashing.

I personal don’t say the n-word because I think there are better words that can be used and I think it expresses an unnecessary use of anger. If you want to read why I don’t use nigga click here.

If the report is true, the ban would be across the racial board. Not only will Black slurs be banned, but White slurs, Mexican slurs, and other slurs from various nationalities too.

Hmmm…I wonder if it would ban Redskins and Chiefs.