Solutions To Ending Facebook Game Addictions


Okay, let’s admit it, we all from time to time get addicted to these stupid little games on Facebook.  Like I said in an earlier blog, I was addicted to Marvel Avenger Alliance. I was so addicted that I would even spend real money to help me advance in the game. I’ve heard of people spending $4000 in one game! That’s crazy! I would never allow my gaming to become so out of control, but when it prevents productivity, it’s just as bad. Having fun is one thing, but when too much time passes and my work isn’t done, then it’s time to find a way to stop, and that’s just what I did. I found a way to cut off my daily addictions and increase my productivity.

It’s a fairly simple fix really. It’s a Chrome extension called “StayFocusd.” According to the Chrome store, “StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.”  

I have to say, this product works pretty well with me. The program allows you to set a timer for how long you want to be on a website like Facebook. I usually set my timer to about thirty minutes. During that time, I can play my games or do whatever else I want, but at the end of thirty minutes, StayFocusd will send a message. A sign will pop up on my screen that reads, “Shouldn’t you be studying,” and that like that, I’m easily persuaded to stop playing my game.

Using this decreased my time on Facebook games by  ninety percent. Now I’m more focused and much more productive. In fact, I’m on my computer a lot less now.

Do you have any resources that help you stay on task? Write it below and let me know.