Softball Backstops at Herlong Prison Camp and Stand Up Count Concerns

Herlong Prison has two institutions. The first is an actual prison (Federal Correctional Institution – FCI) and the other is a prison camp which has less security and non-violent offenders. When the administration sends out a memo, it goes to both the prison and the prison camp.

This memo talked about the changes on the softball backstop fence.  I believe this memo is for the FCI and not for the camp. I never saw any changes to the prison camp’s backstop fence. 

This memo talks about stand up count and its length of time. They claimed that it would take a shorter time to get done and that they would find a way to speed up the count process. They were able to do so for a few weeks, but then it went back to being the mess it was.

I’d hoped that the memos would serve a purpose such as becoming evidence for soon to be manifested promises of change, but that was false hope.

Softball Backstops