Routine Writing Habits For Every Writer

They say it takes at least twenty-one days to start a new habit and the same is true for getting into a routine writing habit. I know it’s not going to happen overnight and I also know it won’t stick if I’m only doing it for a week. However, in order to make sure it happens, I’m going to have to take some initiative. My previous post explained how to write everyday, but this post explains how to make sure it sticks and stays as a habit.

routine writing habits


In order to start developing routine writing habits, you have to plan. If you read my previous post on planning, you will understand how easy it is to write quickly when you have a one. The prior post will help you plan for the month. Once you have a plan you are able to write more effectively, more focus, and write better quality information. Planning is an important part of writing as well as research. In order to research you have to know what you are hoping to write about.


Ever heard someone say that timing is everything? Well, it is the same thing for writing, especially if you’re creating routine writing habits.  If you’ve ever taken medicine you’ll notice that the doctor tells you to take it every day at the same time. This is because it allows the medicine to stay in your system at a similar dosage. It’s more effective to have a consistent dosage of medicine in your body while trying to fight off an infection or whatever else the medicine needs to do. Writing is similar. If you choose a time everyday to write, you will get your brain into the habit of oozing creative juices that will flow at the same time everyday. When you’re writing at the same time everyday and you’re used to coming up with good information at the same time daily, you will find that it is easier for you to focus and easier for you to write.


My last tip for routine writing habits is preparation. Never end your day of writing at the end of your blog post. Always right at least the first paragraph of the next day’s article. Some advice suggest writing the first paragraph, however I believe that you can write any part of your article and then the next day pick up where you left off. This allows you to pick up on the train of thought from the day before and makes it easier to write. The idea is that you are already writing a post and you have already taken the time to get into a creative flow, so writing the next part of your blog post should be easier than having to start all over the next day.

That’s it. Those are my three suggestions for getting into the routine of writing daily.  This should allow you and me to start our twenty-one day journey to developing routine writing habits. I’m sure this will supply me with the greatest content since I’ll become more organized and focused. I can’t wait until I merge both of my posts together and become the ultimate content machine. Let me know if you’ve decided to take the 21 routine writing habits challenge.