Recreation Procedures Post Lock Down 10 pm Count

From time to time, the executive staff of the prison will send out memos regarding current incidences. Many things can happen in prison and most of the time it’s negative. When negative events put staff and inmates in danger, lockdowns can occur. The following memo was sent out after a recent lockdown. It is supposed to be reassuring that lockdowns occur for safety reasons only and it also addresses the 10:00 pm count. Beloe you can read what the Warden sent to the inmate population after a recent lockdown. The picture below is the original copy.


FROM: Mike Babcock, Warden

Federal Correctional Institution
Herlong, California 96113

November 17, 2011


Recreation Procedures
Post Lock-Down
10:00 p.m. Count

As you were informed in my previous memorandum, new procedures for recreation time have been implemented for the safety of both staff and inmates. With the occurrence of several incidents in Recreation, it was apparent that changes were needed. Limiting the amount of inmates in the Recreation area at one time will mean a safer place for you and for staff. You are free to advise staff of your concerns or if you have suggestions. My office will look at all suggestions and determine if any revisions are needed in the near future. At this time, you are encouraged to work with the Recreation staff on new ways to still conduct viable programs in that department.

Secondly, a Iockdown will only occur if we determine that inmates need to be secured while an investigation into a matter is completed. I have no intention of simply placing the inmate population on lockdown status for no particular reason. When and how long a lockdown occurs will be determined on a case by case status.

Finally, many of you have expressed concerns regarding the 10:00 p.m. count. Thus, we are making strides to ensure the count begins promptly at 10:00 p.m. so that you are not waiting as long for count. Rather than changing the count to an earlier time, we have determined it is important that all inmates are ready to count at 10:00 p.m.

It is my goal to ensure staff and inmates are safe and that you have the opportunity to program so that you may return to the community; thus, a Iockdown will only occur if absolutely necessary. You are always free to talk to Executive Staff regarding any issue which arises, rather than relying on rumors and hear say.

Recreation Procedures Post Lock Down 10 pm Count