Recreation Procedures at Herlong Federal Prison Camp

Prison inmates are kept to strict standards when it comes to dress codes and recreation. However, from time to time, inmates can get off track from the guidelines and will have to be reminded of the rules. Some of the following rules are common sense. For example, if the prison staff is tasked with keeping recreation safe, then any type of martial art practice is prohibited. If they didn’t, what would happen when someone gets angry when they lose a match? As you read below, inmates aren’t allowed to bring unsafe items like cans and razors.

Unknown to the outside population, inmates are allowed to do more than just sit on the “playground” and shoot hoops. There are other hobbies available such as instruments, crafts, and photography. The problem, as cited in this memo, is that inmates are lingering in those spots, giving out massages, and otherwise not partaking in the hobby that’s in the room. Maybe it’s because they were done already, but whatever their reason, let’s not make it unfair for everyone else.

Federal Correctional Institution
Herlong, California 96113

September 15, 2011




R. Carruth, Supervisor of Recreation

Recreation Procedures

The following procedures are shall be adhered to immediately

Inmates coming into the Recreation Department will be dressed in the appropriate uniform for the time and day.

if you are wearing Khaki shirt and pants, you may bring a laundry/gym bag with the following items: (1) pair of sweats (3.) undershirt, (1) towel (1) pair of sneakers; Sports accessories used for structured sports.

If you are wearing work out clothing, you may bring a laundry/gym bag with the following items: (1) khaki pants (1) khaki shirt (1) pair of work shoes (3.) belt {1) towel; Sports accessories used for structured sports.

No altered clothing or bedding of any kind. Altered clothing may be confiscated and discipline action taken. Any jackets, shirts, shorts, sweats that are drawn on, sewn or cut is altered. No bedding such as blankets, sheets, or pillowcases allowed in Recreation.

No hygienic items to include, soap, razors, toothpaste will be authorized.

No commissary or food taken from food services will be allowed. An exception follows: (1) Ice cream (2) Drink mix, sodas in a purchased plastic container (no cans). (3.) water container purchased through the commissary.

No secondary containers such as bowls or food container of any kind. No homemade candy.

Recreation staff will not hold or store unauthorized items.

The Band and Music rooms are for instrument playing and singing only. All other inmates need to leave the room. There will be no massages, physical training or malingering of any kind.

The Wellness room is for classes and photography use only. This room will be closed all other times.

The Hobby craft room is for hobby craft use only. This room is not to be used for massages, physical fitness, instrument playing, cards playing, board games playing, or malingering.

Work boots or black sole shoes are not allowed on the Gymnasium floor.

No instruction or training for boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, or any other martial art, of any sort allowed in Recreation. No altered apparatuses for weight lifting is allowed in Recreation.

Insolence towards staff will not be tolerated. Violators maybe escorted out of Recreation, and face disciplinary action.

Recreation Procedures