Procedural Changes

Lock downs within the prison system are a serious issue for both inmates and staff. They are the result of what the administration deems a loss of control on their part. In this instance, a group of inmates decided to gather together during recreation. This caused a scare for the system and they locked down the prison camp.

To add insult to injury, the administration decided to find a way to deter this type of behavior. As you read below, you will see that they divided the camp into two parts. One group would stay together for all events such as recreation as well as other programs that occurred throughout the week. They would also have to stay together on weekends, holidays, and evenings.

While I understand the need for control within the prison system, this could become a major disruption to an inmates “new” lifestyle. Perhaps an inmate and his friends become separated due to the new procedure. This only causes the return of awkward feelings of when inmates first entered the prison camp to arise. It causes more stress on an inmate, but I guess administration doesn’t care or just figures they’ll get over it.

Below you’ll find a copy of written memo and underneath you’ll find a picture of the actual memo.

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FEDERAL BUREAU OF PlhrSONS Federal Correcdonal Institution
Herlona, CaLifornia 96113

November 11, 2011



Mike Babcock,

SUBJECT: Procedural Changes

On Thursday, October 27, 2011, we experienced a large grouping of inmates on the recreation yard. A significant segment of the population elected to amass on the Recreation Yard and invoke disruption to the orderly running of the institution resulting in a lock down.

The movement has been modified to institute better controls. The open move to the Recreation Yard during Mainline has been eliminated. Instead, inmates will return to their housing unit when each Mainline ends. Once the compound is cleared, moves will be conducted for Recreation and programming.

Until further notice, a revised move schedule has been instituted impacting inmate movement during the evening, weekends, and holidays. Specifically, Reno, Sierra, Tahoe NB units will recreate and program together during the evening, weekends and holidays. Reno, Sierra, Tahoe C/D units will recreate and program together during the evening, weekends, and holidays.

We will continue to run a safe and orderly institution for both staff and inmates. Future procedural modifications may be forthcoming if deemed appropriate.

Procedural Changes