Pointless Childhood Romances


I cracked up when I saw this picture. It reminded me of how silly and funny childhood romances were. They consisted of notes being passed from person to person just to get to the right girl or boy. You’d have a knot in your stomach, waiting and anticipating an answer. Sometimes you’d win and sometimes you’d lose. However, it was a simple let down, not a public display of rejection.

I don’t remember having any girlfriends in elementary school—I was kind of a loner then. However, everyone who had one seemed to have drama. It wasn’t drama that lasted for weeks on end, it was something like ‘I didn’t like the fact that she likes the Thunder Cats, so I don’t like him no more,’ or ‘Johnny had a bigger game selection, so I had to leave Dave.’

These types of break up didn’t really harm anyone, at least from what I could tell. I never remember anyone getting burned out of shape over these silly romances. It seemed like kids went through love like they did underwear. As soon as they got just a tiny bit dirty, they were gone!

Looking back I have to ask myself, ‘What the hell was the point in having a girlfriend in grade school?’ I mean, you couldn’t do anything. Okay, of course you could have probably grabbed a titty or two or maybe she would have given you a hand job. Well, okay –some of ya’ll went all the way. What I’m trying to say is that for me, it was just like we sat there watching TV. As we watched and she rubbed my leg, all I was thinking was, ‘Let’s play Hot Wheels, TV’s boring.’

I had a girlfriend in eighth grade. She was beautiful, I think. I honestly don’t remember what she looked like other than the fact that she was Black and very dark skinned.  Anyhow we’d talk on the phone for a few minutes a day. I’ve even hung out with her from a few hours a week. Back then I was writing or doing homework and making homemade board games, but I enjoyed her company. I’ll talk more about my relationships in another post.

Anyway, I’m glad that I didn’t put too much focus on girls while I was in school. Oh, believe me, I was tempted! I even had a girl or two while in school, but because I didn’t like the drama, I left it alone.


Let me know about your silly childhood romances — drop me a line in the comment section.