Photo Procedures at Herlong Prison Camp

Structure is needed to facilitate order and prisons are full of structure. In this memo from the supervisor of recreation, a detailed system for taking and receiving prison photos is given. The document states that prisoners must wear certain clothing, refrain from obscene gestures, and use a voucher to “buy” their photos. Photo vouchers can be transferred to other institutions, however unused vouchers are refunded. Inmates are not allowed to share vouchers or sell them. Sometimes inmates try to sell them for cash or other items. Lastly, a¬†log book is used to correspond pictures with the correct inmate.

These are the rules if an inmate wants to take a picture while in prison. All pictures are reviewed and if deemed inappropriate, then it will be confiscated. For more information about pictures in the visiting room, please read the following memo. The picture below is an original copy of the memo.


December 1, 2010



R. Carruth, Supervisor of Recreation Photo Procedures

Photo vouchers are used for the purchase of a photograph only. One photograph will be taken per photo voucher. A photo voucher may be transferred and redeemed from one institution to another, however, photo vouchers cannot be transferred between inmates. Inmates are not permitted to give photo vouchers to any other inmate. No refunds will be given for any unused photo vouchers. Before each photograph is taken, the inmate must sign the photo voucher. He will then submit the voucher to the inmate photographer and complete the Inmate Photo Log. Pictures will not be taken on “credit,” and no cash will be exchanged for any purpose at any time during the photograph process.

Pictures taken in the visiting will be taking against the back drop. Outside of visiting, pictures will be taken on Thursday, Friday,Saturday and Sunday between 12:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. At no time will photos be taken of fences, vehicles, or structures (other than a wall being used as entire backdrop). Inmates must be dressed in appropriate attire to have a photograph taken. All poses will be done in good taste. There will be no pictures taken of obscene or offensive gestures. No hand signs or grouping of self or others. If any type of inappropriate activity is exhibited in the photographs, the picture will be confiscated and treated as contraband.

The photographer will turn in memory cards as they are used and the completed corresponding log sheet to Recreation staff. If at any time the log sheets do not match the number of exposures taken, picture taking is immediately terminated.

Prior to the inmate receiving his pictures, inmates will sign his name on the line which corresponds to the exposure on the memory card.

Photo Procedures at Herlong Prison Camp