Party Solo for Your Birthday

Party solo

Party Solo? Uh, that isn’t what any thirty-something or even forty-something really wants to do for their birthday, but as I get older I’ve noticed that most of my friends have kids, are in serious relationships, or are stuck in jobs and are unable to party with me. It always seems like a chore to gather everyone to hang out now that we are older. I’ve seen memes about people getting into their 30’s and their highlight of the weekend was binge-watching Netflix. That’s not me. I want adventure and fun. If you want the same then read on for my top ten ways to party solo.

My Party Solo Tips

Solo Travel

There are probably a billion websites dedicated to traveling in groups with people you don’t know. If your friends are too busy or too broke to party with you, try one of the groups online. They have groups dedicated to age groups, gender, religion, and more. You can find groups that travel in hostels or all inclusive resorts. Even if you just want to get away for the weekend, there are hiking trips, surfing, and skiing trips that you could join. The sky’s the limit to what type of group you want to join. Most of the time, people meet up in private groups on Facebook so they can get to know each other before traveling.

Train Travels

Another solo travel idea worth mentioning all by itself are train ride vacations. I’m sure you’ve heard about the train ride where you can travel across the country (East to West) in 2 ½ days, but did you know there are other cross-country travel routes and destinations? Visiting the website called Vacations By Rail will show you step by step how to ride the rails cross country. With their guide for beginners, you will be comfortable as a first timer. Think it’s a boring ride from place to place, think again. According to their site, “the lounge cars feature floor-to-ceiling windows, which curve up onto the roof, so sky panoramas are available, as well as a great opportunity to socialize with your fellow travelers. Snacks, light fare, wine, beer, water, and soft drinks are all offered in the lounge during certain times of the day. Entertaining and informational speakers are also brought onboard the train during certain times of the year to enthrall the lounge car’s passengers.”

Party soloThrow Your Own Birthday Party

If you build it, they will come…well maybe just for an hour or two. Throwing yourself a party lightens the burden of having to party all night at the club or go out of town for the weekend. If your friend has children or a spouse, then those options really aren’t options for them. Having a party will allow them to bring their spouse or even their kids with them so they won’t have to choose. They can decide to have a little fun instead of no fun. You could make it even more special by throwing an elegant sit down dinner, a themed dinner (African, Sports, Superhero, Movie), or a murder mystery dinner.

Enhance Your Hobbies

Turn your passions into a vacation! There are conventions and conferences for everything nowadays. Type in your favorite hobby online and add the keywords, “seminar”, “workshop”, “conference”, or “convention” and you’ll find a plethora of events going on. Whether you love paintball, fishing, or writing, there’s a place for you to visit. These places often assist you in enhancing your crafting skills. You’ll meet people who love the hobby and have a passion for the same thing you do. Sometimes, finding people like that is hard at home. Many people that meet at seminars and conventions have lasting relationships.

Travel Volunteer

I love being a role model for children. Helping them to avoid the mistakes I made when I was their age brings value to my life. One day, I would love to gather a bunch of them and take them on a trip. I especially want to travel with children who may never see another city, let alone country. Of course, I’d have to fundraise to help afford the airfare and hotel. Actually, I found that there are many organizations dedicated to helping underserved community children travel, all I’d have to do is join one and become a chaperone. However, my goal is to be able to do it for my hometown youth.

The Day is About You Anyway

Just because no one is available to do things with you doesn’t mean that you can’t do it all. Use your day to do things that make you smile. I love going to the movies, sometimes it’s better with friends, but honestly, I enjoy it just as much alone as I do with a group. Getting pampered at a spa isn’t just for females, it’s actually relaxing and makes you feel fantastic. There are male spas and male massages available, try this place and all its locations are listed here. Lastly, buy yourself something. I’m sure you deserve it. This is the day to splurge on that one thing you’ve wanted. If you absolutely have to be frugal, remember splurging doesn’t have cost hundreds of dollars.

Fun Photoshoots

Why should females have all the fun? I’ve seen women do glamour shoots and boudoir sessions and have so much fun exploring themselves and making themselves feel good. We can do the same! Get a photographer to do a male model photoshoot with you and be the sexy you always wanted to be. Don’t hold back – it’s your birthday! These make great gifts for that special lady, but it looks even better framed in your home. Watch this photoshoot on YouTube for pose ideas. Lastly, you choose a theme like sexy, classy, superhero, or dandy like Michael B. Jordan.

Birthday Fundraiser – Not for Charity

Have you ever seen someone with a couple dollars safety pinned to their shirt? It’s usually done on people’s birthday and actually brings awareness to your birthday without you having to say a thing. This year aim higher. Do a birthday fundraiser online. You can join websites like Plumfund and Payit2 to start a campaign. If you don’t want to use them try Cashapp or Paypal. You may not have the funds to go on a lavish vacation, but I’m sure if you were able to raise a couple hundred dollars, it would make your day just as special.

Freebie & Dessert Deals

Companies are always using their customer’s birthdays as promotional opportunities. Find businesses and restaurants that offer free items on your birthday and hop around your city for each freebie. Many places have loyalty programs so start with the companies that you frequently patron or have signed up for their email newsletters. Try searching and signing up for the businesses on this list.

Charity Parties

Most of these examples have been about where YOU can go or what YOU can do for yourself – and that’s fine, but sometimes we need to give back, pay it forward, or just be a blessing to someone less fortunate than ourselves. You may not have heard, but there’s a story about a man who invited friends to a special dinner and laid out his best for them, but they all gave him excuses as to why they couldn’t or wouldn’t attend. This made him furious. He decided to go out into the street and bring in all those who were considered castaways and/or devalued and have them as his guests instead. I’m not saying throw a party and then go out and find homeless men and women to attend – but I’m not saying not to either. However, there are also children in orphanages that probably don’t get the opportunity to have a real party. Bring them some cake, ice cream, and a pinata. There’s often a shortage of food so a birthday party is really like heaven to them. Research some places in your hometown and give back, it will make you feel 100 times better than that luxurious vacation you can’t afford.

I believe we’ve all entered into this world for some reason, despite the fact that most people never truly find out what it is they were “created” to do.  In honor of my belief, I also believe that the day I entered into the world should be celebrated or joyfully acknowledged. I know some people and religions decide not to celebrate birthdays, however, those who have no objection to it shouldn’t spend their big day alone and feeling sorry for themselves when others cannot help celebrate them. I hope this post inspired you to make a change for your next birthday. You’re definitely not a loser if you party solo!