Writers block

It seems as if writer’s think that writer’s block is some inevitable obstacle that lurks behind them until it’s ready to pounce, stopping them from doing everything they wish to do in the writing world. That’s only true if you say it’s true.

I have a problem with writer’s block, but I think of it like I do any other obstacle, it’s just a challenge I need to get over! If we are able to set our minds with positive thinking, we are more likely to overcome the challenge. The best way to avoid writer’s block is to create a flow or momentum when you write.

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Here are some ways I create a flow and get over writer’s block.

  1. Free Write
    Just write and write and write. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, no one is going to read the first draft anyway. Just keep writing. I remind myself every time I write that in editing everything will make sense. I’ll either delete it or keep it in some form or fashion.
  2. Don’t Edit While Creating
    Okay I still hit the backspace more than I want to, and yes, it drives me crazy when I see an “hte” error. So yes I’ll backspace that and correct it. HOWEVER, when it comes to getting the ideas down, I don’t correct those ideas. The more I type the more likely the ideas will work themselves out. Also, as I said above, editing will work everything out. A suggestion if you want to avoid using the backspace button is to type your correction next to your mistake. That also keeps me flowing.
  3. Create an Outline
    Sometimes the reason I get writer’s block is because I have no idea where to go next. If I create an outline, even if it’s for my poetry or short stories, I give myself some guidelines on where to go next.
  4. Don’t Answer the Phone
    I’ll ignore calls to focus on writing. I just don’t want to break the momentum once I get it going.
  5. Change My Location
    Sometimes writing on the computer sucks because I’m on it all day. To mix it up, I’ll jump on my bed and use pen and paper to create my ideas. Another idea is to go to a library or coffee shop to mix it up.
  6. Take a Walk
    Maybe my writer’s block is because I’m tired. That means it’s time to stop working on writing. I’ll go for a walk, work out, or read a book.


I hope that helps some people. Let me know what you do to get over writer’s block.

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