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One-Hour Prison Consulting Service

One-Hour Prison Consulting Service

Going through the prosecution process will most likely be the most horrible experience you ever face. They purposely intimidate you into saying things that you shouldn’t. While your lawyer is there to protect you in court, this process doesn’t end after the trial. You will still be pressured into things by the “system” and may not know what to do. Who will you call on to help you post trial?

A prison consultant is available to help you post conviction and will pick up where your lawyer left off. They will walk you through the programs, prison life, and prison policies. A prison consultant will prepare you and answer all of the questions you may have regarding the next part of your life. If you want to make the best of this journey, read below about what you will get when you hire a consultant.

For $97 You Will Learn about:

  • RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Program)
  • How to have your sentence reduced
  • How to have your loved ones help you in prison
  • How to keep your sanity in prison
  • Answer questions that haven’t been answered


  • I’ll review your plea agreement
  • Give you a strategy for prison camp
  • Give you a post-prison strategy
  • Explain how to get income after prison
  • Explain how to get income WHILE IN prison camp

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