No Collect Calls at Herlong Federal Prison Camp: Prepaid Accounts

Staying in touch with family and/or friends is sometimes essential to an inmates psychological and emotional stability. Being able to communicate with those that love you is a reward of its own. When someone is unable to speak to their loved ones, depression and agitation can set in quickly. Fortunately, the prison has multiple ways to communicate with family and/or friends.

Below is a memo explaining the process of calling loved ones. Usually, prison inmates could call their loved ones with collect calls, however, some people cannot accept these calls. When I was in prison camp, the prison didn’t give collect calls as an option. Instead, they encouraged inmates to tell their families about the Value Added Communications prepaid account. They would have to set up a Value Added Communications by calling 1-800-913-6037.

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I had the option to set up this account, but I chose not to because I wasn’t going to be there very long. If you have a loved one in prison and cannot accept collect calls, create a prepaid account and make communication between you and your loved one easy.

Prepaid Accounts

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