My Furlough Application: Approved for Community Service Furlough

Community service allows an inmate to leave the prison or prison camp in order to serve the community in various capacities such as cleaning up public areas. The National Crime Prevention Council believes it is a way to reduce crime and encourage public spaces to be properly used again. In order for an inmate to be accepted for the community service projects, a furlough form has to be completed. A furlough is an authorized absence from prison in which an inmate’s confinement has been extended to a specified destination. According to the Bureau of Prison’s website, prisoners who violate the conditions of the furlough can be considered an escapee and subject to more criminal charges and disciplinary actions.

When I was approved for the community service, this was the approval from the Warden and Camp Secretary. These were the conditions of the community service project. It’s basic stuff.

  • Don’t escape
  • Don’t leave the site without permission
  • Don’t talk to the media
  • Don’t drive cars or vehicles

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