Memo to Inmates About Homemade Intoxicants

It’s memos like these that keep prison television shows raw. Inmates making “hooch” or other alcoholic drinks are regularly seen on TV. Shows are also portraying inmates that make various weapons. What the shows don’t show you are the interrupted routines of those that just want to get through their sentences. I had a routine in which I stayed in the Leisure Library writing and reading all day. For that reason, I never saw any of the “illegal” substances within the camp, but inmates did make them. However, I believe this memo was more for the inmates at the neighboring correctional facility (which Herlong oversees).

Below is the original memo to all inmates, both at the prison and the prison camp. As you can see, the Warden wasn’t willing to risk the safety of the inmate population nor was he willing to punish us all for a few people’s activity.

Homemade Intoxicatants