Magic Shave

Magic Shave


One of the biggest hygiene issues Black men have is shaving. I’m no different. I’ve used razors, clippers and even grew out my beard. I’ve tried everything, but nothing works. Instead, when things don’t work, I end up with razor bumps, pain and uneasiness. In, fact, no matter what type of razor I use, I will still experience razor bumps. It could be any brand, low end or high end, I will still get bumps that are so bad and painful, I can’t even smile.

However, I finally found a remedy. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, I started using a powder called Magic Shave. This powder is a miracle! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but if you’ve experience what I’ve experienced with razor bumps, then you would be excited too.

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In order to use Magic Shave, you just have to mix the powder with water. Next, use the mix to cover your beard or the area you want to shave. Then, let it sit for about ten minutes. When you wash it off your face will be baby booty smooth. No joke, this stuff really is magic! At least I think so.

Some people have had issues with it. However, I have found that if you use it correctly, then you won’t have issues like rashes. I’ve never had a rash unless I use the stronger cream. However, if I use the cream every three to five days, I don’t have any skin problems. Now I use this powder weekly and I’ve also used it in prison. This is a powder that I will forever use, you should too.

If you have any suggestions as to what works for your beard, let me know.

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