Live Your Best Life Locally!

best life quote

best life quoteIf you can’t live your best life, then live your best life locally until you can. Just because you can’t jet set to another state or country and turn up doesn’t mean that you can’t live your best life locally. I believe there are levels of living your best life and your local best life doesn’t have to be boring or routine. You can have an adventurous lifestyle by visiting places you’ve never been. Admit it, there’s a place you drive by and wonder what it’s like inside. There’s a place advertised on local television that you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t. It’s time to take a step out of your comfort zone and level up. Even though it may seem like baby steps to jet setting in Paris, Japan, or Brazil, sometimes stepping stones are what’s needed to get you to make real moves.

Even if there’s nothing in your immediate city or town, there’s something to do in your state. If you live in the southern part of the state, visit a place that’s in the northern part. Do the same vice versa if you live in the northern, eastern or western part of your state. Chances are there are places that you’ll love and never knew existed. Since these places can sometimes be hidden treasures, try looking through Groupon for deals, packages, or coupons for things you like to do. You can also try to do things you’ve never done before. Living your best life shouldn’t be all about being complacent, instead, it should be about adventure and taking risks. You want to be able to look back in life and be proud of your journey and the knowledge you gained when you did the unthinkable.

Nature Adventures

If you’re more of a nature person, look for state forests, caves, botanical gardens, and trails. I bet you’ll see some great scenery and take some cool pictures. Try going the night before so that you can get up early and see the sunrise. Don’t worry if you don’t make it because you could also stick around and see the sunset. Either way, it’s a beautiful moment that you don’t want to miss. Make sure to pack the right items like bug spray, sunscreen, and snacks. Check websites for forbidden and prohibited items.

Water Fun

If land isn’t your thing, try looking for harbors, bays, and other bodies of water that allow yachts and other boats. Go sailing one day and watch the wildlife in the water. There are many places that will bring you aboard to watch for whales and dolphins. Other companies will take you out to see so you can snorkel.

Relax & Unwind

If your best life is more chill, then you definitely want to check out some spa resorts and float tanks. According to this article on, a destination spa isn’t all about massages, facials, and body wraps. A destination spa means you will typically spend about two to three nights at their resort. They promote healthy lifestyles and offer exercise classes and lectures on wellness. You can also get spa service there as well, but they focus on the entire body, mentally and physically. If you really want to unwind, try to search for a sensory deprivation tank or a float tank. If you’ve never floated before, then you’re going to love it. A float tank looks like a large bathtub and it’s filled with a massive amount of magnesium salts (Epsom salts). The amount of magnesium salt creates a buoyancy when you get into the float tank and you float. No seriously, you don’t have to try to keep your head or limbs above water. It’s such a freeing experience. These types of tanks deprive your body of touch so that you can de-stress and relax. Depending on the package, you can spend about 60 minutes to 90 minutes in the tank. If you find a nice float business like this one from New Jersey, then you’ll have an awesome room to float in. I used their galaxy float tank. When I was done, I felt so light and relaxed.

Party Hard

If you’re set on turning things up, then you may want to plan in advance to make your experience the best. You want to search online for places that have concerts, nightclubs that are different from your hometown clubs, or events will be playing music all night long. Instead of Google, try using these apps to search for big-time fun.

  • Discotech – Guestlist, Tickets, and Bottle Service for your favorite events.
  • Eventbrite – Find fun things to do in multiple cities.
  • Night Nomads – Find all the best upcoming parties, gigs, concerts and nightlife around the city.
  • Showwoo – Trending adventures, events, and amusement parks in various cities and countries.

Depending on your taste, there’s always something to do. You never have to wish you had the life of someone else when you could be doing the same thing in your own backyard. I promise with a little planning and saving, you’ll get to jet set if you really want to, but don’t let it keep your from living your best life locally.