Job Hunting Resources for Felons

resources for felons

resources for felons

After you’ve been convicted of a crime and serve time in jail, it’s a difficult and sometimes heartbreaking journey to becoming employed. In this article, you will find valuable job hunting resources for felons. I have compiled a list of books, websites, and videos that deal specifically with those who have re-entered society from prison. I hope you find this helpful and valuable.

Jail to Job: Seven Steps to Becoming Employed by Mark Drevno

According to Amazon reviews, this book is being used by reentry programs and prison rehabilitation programs to help inmates get ready to apply to jobs as well as help former inmates apply to jobs. Staff has noticed that the book holds inmates attention, provides basic tips and techniques, and leaves no questions unanswered. The most popular piece of advice is the “turn around packet” which details an inmate’s potential for job readiness.

Know Your Rights: Employment Laws for Convicted Felons

Knowing how to gain employment is not enough when you’re a disadvantaged job applicant. However, knowing what an employer has the right to ask you is important. Did you know that you have to give permission for an employer to pull your criminal record? Did you know that an employer must give you a copy of the record and a summary of the report before taking negative action?

Prison Entrepreneurship Program (www.pep.org)

Located in Texas, this program is geared towards creating faith-based leadership by teaching “real-world values-based business skills to inmates”.  According to their website, they have the nation’s leading results in prison rehabilitation for over 1,300 people. They help with employment, small business formation, job retention, higher than average starting wages, and low recidivism rates.

The Prison Entrepreneurship Guide 

A webpage filled with information on business and entrepreneurship programs in multiple states like Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and California. There’s even information for a program in Canada. Some states have multiple programs, and all programs are linked to their respective websites.

Defy Ventures

A rigorous and competitive program towards entrepreneurship that not for the faint of heart. If you are located in the Bay area of California or in New York City, then you should apply. You can fill out the application online or call their toll free number (1-800-680-0563). They specialize in working with criminals with histories of violence, gang banging, and drug rings. If you need some inspiration, read their graduate stories here

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Their job guide has a long list of things to-do in order to prepare your mind for the job hunt. It is a basic list for those who have never held a job before prison and offers sensible advice.


Videos For Job Readiness

Goodwill has multiple states that offer Re-entry programs.

Eric Mayo has earned the nickname “The Job Guy” because he has successfully helped thousands of felons find employment. He also has a website (www.jailtojob.com).

Clinton M. McCoy is considered the “Real Life Coach” because he teaches and gives real life answers to real life questions. He is an felon who discovered that his college wasn’t going to help him. Here is his advise.

Here’s my own video on why felons should pursue entrepreneurship opportunities. For more information on 4 easy entrepreneur ex-con business ideas, click here and check out my blog post.

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