Is It Possible To Reach The Ceiling?

If you’re in the corporate world or even just the professional world, you understand ceilings. There are ceilings in talent, position, promotion and much more. Most ceilings are glass and you never see it until you hit it, but what if you create your own ceiling? Did you find that it wasn’t glass and you just haven’t paid attention to it or  noticed it? What happens when you finally hit a ceiling?

I remember when I was in Herlong Camp. I had a desire to leave Sacramento. I guess it was due to my previous success. I had lots of it. Then all of a sudden, I started failing and falling. After falling so far, I didn’t want to come back to Sacramento. I began noticing other talented artists, business professionals and other intellects leave the area and do very well for themselves.

Staying in Sacramento made me feel like I hit a ceiling, thus one of my many reasons I had failed and kept failing. I thought my lack of resources would also contribute to it. I was fearful of failing again.

However, now I see that I was thinking negatively. Maybe I have a ceiling because I put a ceiling there. I think I created it. I mentally created a ceiling with walls and limited my own success. The key to my future is to realize that I have no boundaries or ceilings unless I create them. Instead of focusing on the boundaries around me, I should be focusing on my time. I should also be focusing on the type of job I want to obtain as well as my craft. If I continue to focus on the boundaries, I’ll limit myself.

What have you been focused on lately? Has it created any limitations for you? Write it in the comments section below.