Institution Progress Update at Herlong Prison Camp

In order to keep the prison “safe” for all inmates and staff, when things seem to be out of control, the administration will lock down the prison camp. This means that all inmates are confined to their cells until further notice. Although the lockdown was resolved and inmates were released from their cells, the administration had to make major changes. These changes included separating and/or splitting up the prison population for indoor and yard recreation programs, health services and additional programs. This caused a stir within the prison community as there were sports leagues that were unable to play.

This memo addresses those issues as well as other issues that had been going on for sometime, even some that were there before I went to prison. Their response to the disappointment of many inmates was that they were working on a plan to coordinate all leagues, but that didn’t happen while I was there. There was also an empty department formerly called UNICOR, which was going to be used for computer labs. Due to the long waiting list, they would increase the classes for GED. They were also increasing the number of vocational classes like welding and resume building.

Here are some of the changes that this memo addresses.

  • No leagues were formed in the time I was there between May 2011 and May 2012.
  • Career Builder, VT Welding and Recycling programs were not discussed for the prison camp level.
  • The computer labs were opened (which is next to the Rec Room) but they were only used for computer and word processing classes. However, due to low attendance these classes were shut down. Well, that was one rumor. The other rumor was that the instructor was no longer available.
  • At the time I was there, there was no full time doctor at the camp.


Instituation Progress Update